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  1. Some great VMs to work through with exercises https://pentesterlab.com/
  2. Cell phone boosters are illegal as will as they are broadcasting on frequencies you don't have a license for.
  3. Assuming you have a license for the frequency or a good Faraday cage. Have a read about making your own Cell tower which could be handy for this. https://www.evilsocket.net/2016/03/31/how-to-build-your-own-rogue-gsm-bts-for-fun-and-profit/ One tip set the Ki to * so encryption isn't used and will allow SIMs you don't know the keys for connect.
  4. How does the site require HTTPS? IF the site enforces HTTPS through HSTS and the user has visited the site before or they have HSTS Preload the browser just won't connect to HTTP for the site.
  5. Maybe get remote code execution. https://pentesterlab.com/can walk you through some of it.
  6. At 470MHz mightn't get through put required because frequency isn't high enough. Maybe look at the Ham data services as they have data link in the Ham bands. More likely to have worked samples/code to start from, I would guess
  7. Yard Stick one does RF Cat which makes it simple python commands. (As is a hardware define radio) A hackRF is an SDR and isn't that simple but more powerful not as restricted with frequencies or modulation types.
  8. THanks, But I am needing to use HackRF due to frequency requirements. RFCat only works with Yardstick One (and similar chipsets). Plus RFCat doesn't do PPM.
  9. Depends what problem you are trying to solve. If you are in supported bands and supported encoding Yard Stick One is nice and simple.
  10. Hi, Has anyone come across any good tutorials on transmitting on the HackRF. I can find stuff on record replay but that isn't want I want. I know the bits I want to send and need to send them PPM on a frequency just trying to find an example so I can repeat it.
  11. Import Burp's CA cert into your OS's or Firefox's trust store so it trusts all the certs that Burp signs. If it is just a HTTP header you need to add you can look at browser addons to add HTTP headers.
  12. Does the egagement have enough fat to pay someone to do it? http://www.onlinehashcrack.com/- only pay if they crack it https://www.cloudcracker.com/
  13. The HackRF is open source and on Git Hub I tink.
  14. Yes can be done. THough I don't think the barcode standard contains the window key to do a win+r and don't think alt is there either. I have done stuff about a year to login into something with a user/pass and could pass enter keys in at least. If you new the POS system you could press the delete previous items button or something and finish purchase at a lower amount. I'm sure someone will think of an app escape you do basically have keyboard input as you say.
  15. Seriously in the real world. No one notices. Most organisations can't notice stuff on their wired LAN. Sometime saying you were nosiey and they didn't detect you is a very important finding.
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