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  1. Hey Bitbot17, I think they'll have one out in February. They were talking about it in the Hak5 IRC yesterday.
  2. Hey guys, Great work on the Nano. I've been watching the videos for a few years now. Still nowhere near where I'd like to be technically, but I'm working on my development skills and would love to help out where I can in the development of the Nano. Thinking about joining the local maker/hacker space FamiLAB here to see if I can get some others involved locally as well. You said in the video there is a hangouts today. What time will this be happening? I'm on US Eastern time. ~JohnnyR030T
  3. There should be a cucumber in the Hakshop. I wonder how many people would have this reaction... :D
  4. Thought everyone would want to see this. I hope this thing is using some good security!
  5. Hi Guys, So an interesting thing happened to me at a Red Box the other day. I already hate using them as it is. Long story short, when I slid my card the computer locked up and I saw the infamous "Application is not responding" window.. So obviously this is a Windows Server... I work in POS Retail and most card readers I've seen are basically just HID devices. This got me thinking... I was reading about a hack out there called the "BadBarCode hack" where basically the UPC code contains information so that when the employee scans the code with their scanner (Also just an HID device) it basically opens a shell on the machine and virtually types control commands like a rubber ducky would... Needless to say you can do a lot of things with a rubber ducky! :) So to get to the point... What would stop someone from creating a card with "Bad information" so that when they scan the card the card reader just runs the commands? It's kind of terrifying if something like this is possible! And how would you fix something like this? Love the show! Keep 'em coming! :) JohnnyR030T BadBarCode hack article: https://threatpost.com/one-badbarcode-spoils-whole-bunch/115362/
  6. Thanks overwraith. I don't have much experience with arduino (Although it sounds very interesting) I'm thinking that for the time being I may just use a batch script for the first part of the install and then plug the rubber ducky in after reboot. I'll look into arduino more though. :)
  7. Does anyone know a way to continue a rubber ducky script after rebooting the Windows7 OS? I'm trying to use the Ducky as a way to automate Machine setups. One of the first things I need to do is disable UAC and change the machine name and Workgroup. Then after that I have to reboot and need the script to pickup where it last left off.
  8. Hi guys, I was just wondering what affordable firewalls are the best out there. By affordable i mean preferably around $100 - 200 or less for a home network. there is just so much flaky non stable firmware and I want something that is secure as possible and would appreciate the feedback. Thanks
  9. I saw this article in howtogeek.com and wanted your opinion on it from a hackers point of view... http://www.howtogeek.com/184727/your-home-router-may-also-be-a-public-hotspot-dont-panic/ Thanks, Johnny
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to learn bash scripting and I've got a little problem that I thought maybe you could help with. Here's the jest of it.... I have a command line tool called "xprop"that displays the properties of an image file. "xprop" results look something like this... Image_name: This is the file name. Image_Resolution: This is the image resolution. Image_Channels: This is the number of image channels. Channel_Types: This is the channel types. Bit_Depth: This is the bit depths. My question is, using this "xprop" script file, what do you think the best way would be to display only the File name and Resolution that the "xprop" script returns for all the image files in my current directory, and then send that output data to a new text document? Any help would be amazing! ;) Thanks for this channel. It's amazing! peace
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