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Help SDR project

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You want to build one you say. Why? What is the thing you gain from making one over buying one, knowing that they're dirt-cheap to buy.

When you're done writing down the answer, provide this to your teacher as this is "the voice of the customer".

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Electronic Engineering Degree - I get it.

Starting with top level product requirements - what is the start frequency? what is stop frequency? what is the max sample size (in MHz)? OR what is the total data throughput?

What is the front end sensitivity requirement? What is the noise floor requirement? What is the near field carrier rejection requirement?

More refinements - what bit accuracy is required? {8, 10, 12, 16, etc.} (may be limited by the throughput rate) what peripheral interfaces are allowed/needed?

What are the environmental requirements? What are the power requirements?

IF the design includes the ability to transmit there are a whole bunch of different requirements.


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