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  1. Dude, i know! I am so into asian prons, they are sooo tasty!
  2. What ever suites my fancy

  3. My name is Joel aka KD6W (just ask the FCC, it's their fault!) I live and work in Silicon Valley (San Francisco / San Jose) Favorite game: BF4 / ROBOTRON 2084 Favorite OS: IBM 370 JCL? One that works? Favorite console: My first, Atari 2600, my current PS4 Nationality: US Accent: midwestern Gender: Male Age: We're up there but NOT over the hill! Race: White Height: 6' Status: Wife=1, Children=1 (aka happy!) Build: Not flabby but not ripped either Favorite band: Grand Funk Railroad (MORE COWBELL!) but lately getting into a local artist - Blu Mar Ten Favorite book: The Martian Chronicles Favorite author: Isaac Isamov Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski Favorite director: Stanley Kubrick Favorite TV Show: Star Trek (the original) Favorite actor: toss up - Al Pacino /James Earl Jones Favorite actress: toss up - Jenna Elfman / Hedy Lamarr Favorite Pinup: Raquel Welch of course... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Raquel_Welch_in_deer-skin_bikini.jpg) Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams (I can't believe he is gone, I'm praying he is in a better place. Very tragic and sad) Hobbies: Camping, Amateur Radio (RF hacking), Scuba Dive, Photography, Motorcycling, Pwning Noobs Vehicles: 11 Silverado/ 99 Porsche Boxster/ 98 VFR 800fi Occupation: Sr. System Designer - Satellite and Terrestrial DTV Broadcasting
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