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  1. Are you near anybody with a frequency counter? What is the impedance of the probe? What type of coupling does the probe have? How fast is the sweep on your scope, 10nSec? Does the oscillator look like this? - https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/txc-corporation/9C-28.800MBBK-T/887-2449-2-ND/4475367 --- 28.8 MHz??? To read the exact frequency, find a 10 pF (smaller is better) capacitor and "hook" one end of the capacitor with your o-scope probe. Set the channel and trigger to AC coupled. Now look at the PC board and next the crystal "Y1" find capacitors "C3" and "C2" near the edge of the board. Each capacitor has one pin tied to ground (the one towards the middle). Move the capacitor on the scope probe to touch the one end of the C3 but don't touch the metal on the crystal can. Start by touching C3 the side away from capacitor C2 and adjust the trigger till you get a lock and measure the distance between peaks. Now try to back the probe away so the capacitor probe doesn't touch the pin but can still couple and try to read the peaks again. The act of touching the crystal pin will actually shift the frequency a little bit. I speculate the peaks will be slightly less than 35 nSec apart. Good luck, Joel - KD6W
  2. Yardstick One with Kali Linux

    How much is a YSO? $130. Ok, so what is your time worth? Me, I'm fricken priceless so $130 is a few less starbucks so BFD dude. Buy the thing already and get on with the hacking and help the rest of us Linux noob/dweebs! If you are developing a link system, remember, it takes two to tango... Got a license? 300-348 MHz (talk to the door/gate openers and make friends with the military!), 391-464 MHz, (talk to weather balloons, weather stations or piss off some hams in this band) and 782-928 (jam your friends cell phone or eaves drop on your favorite baby monitor in this band) Cool tool... I wish I had LYNUCKS skills so I knew what 2 do wif it... 73
  3. Yardstick One ANT Choice

    @quicksilver123, for just goofing around on a bench, which antenna you pick doesn't really matter, a paper clip would suffice. For making something that looks a little more polished, in a 3D printed case with nice connectors, either one antenna will do the job. The ghetto antenna relates to the goofy connector and I agree, it's not as slick as the other one but it still works. 50 ohms is relative to the frequency of interest but at those low power levels, again, a paper clip would work all day and you can't blow a YSO up, albeit short of a direct short at the connector but then what's the point? The speed of light is your friend so make your own antenna (468/Freq in MHz = length of dipole in ft). You, wire, a connector and some soldering skills and bingo. Impress your friends and make new ones. The big question is what are you trying to achieve, short term, long term, etc? Stay frosty. 73
  4. Database of Frequencies

    Provided below is a link to the amateur radio "band plan" which provides more details by breaking down the amateur allocations into their sub bands to organize who is transmitting what signals where... http://www.arrl.org/band-plan 73
  5. Introduce yourself

    Dude, i know! I am so into asian prons, they are sooo tasty!
  6. What ever suites my fancy

  7. Introduce yourself

    My name is Joel aka KD6W (just ask the FCC, it's their fault!) I live and work in Silicon Valley (San Francisco / San Jose) Favorite game: BF4 / ROBOTRON 2084 Favorite OS: IBM 370 JCL? One that works? Favorite console: My first, Atari 2600, my current PS4 Nationality: US Accent: midwestern Gender: Male Age: We're up there but NOT over the hill! Race: White Height: 6' Status: Wife=1, Children=1 (aka happy!) Build: Not flabby but not ripped either Favorite band: Grand Funk Railroad (MORE COWBELL!) but lately getting into a local artist - Blu Mar Ten Favorite book: The Martian Chronicles Favorite author: Isaac Isamov Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski Favorite director: Stanley Kubrick Favorite TV Show: Star Trek (the original) Favorite actor: toss up - Al Pacino /James Earl Jones Favorite actress: toss up - Jenna Elfman / Hedy Lamarr Favorite Pinup: Raquel Welch of course... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Raquel_Welch_in_deer-skin_bikini.jpg) Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams (I can't believe he is gone, I'm praying he is in a better place. Very tragic and sad) Hobbies: Camping, Amateur Radio (RF hacking), Scuba Dive, Photography, Motorcycling, Pwning Noobs Vehicles: 11 Silverado/ 99 Porsche Boxster/ 98 VFR 800fi Occupation: Sr. System Designer - Satellite and Terrestrial DTV Broadcasting