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Support for security issues smartphone (Stagefright 2.0)


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hello everyone,

i was wonder about support regard security issues/exploits.

so like most of you guys i also carry a "smartphone" (android in this case).

what do you guys think the support on a "smartphone" should be? 2 years, 3 year, 5 years?

and should it receive security updates even a year after the mentioned years?

also i own a HTC One M7 (android) should in this case HTC (and or any other brand) make a security update for a phone regarding the fact that it is 3 years old because of the stagefright exploit?

Thank in advance and sorry if the reading is wonky

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Let me put it this way.

I run Linux. I've been running Linux for decades now.

I can go back to the very first computer I bought with my own money, an Intel 486DX2-66 with a staggering 8MB of RAM for which I paid extra as the standard at the time was 4, and I can run the same Linux on it that I run on my current machine.

A phone is a computer. A compact, but very, VERY modern computer. These computers are, at their core, identical. The CPUs used all run either ARMv7 or ARMv8 binaries. Could you please explain to me why it's considered difficult to impossible to run the modern version of the OS on the old(er) model?

The question shouldn't be "How long do you think companies should support a model" but "Why does it take a company so much effort to retain support for any model?" and the answer to that is, simply put, asshole GPU vendors (ARM for Mali, Qualcomm for Adreno) and asshole phone makers that want to 'tune' AndroidOS (which is all of them save Google, for obvious reasons). These 2 factors make you wholly reliant upon the phone maker. And the phone maker much rather sees you buying their new shiny than reuse the current one, so fuck you.

Another question to ask is, suppose you set a timeframe after which you drop support, when does that clock start ticking? The second the device hits the market or the second you stop selling them? As I'm sure you're aware, people purchase the previous model simply because of the price tag. Does that mean you now only get 1 year support? Wouldn't that be insane? It's brand spanking new, straight out of the factory with a production date of maybe a month ago. But a year from now you can go and get stuffed. Reasonable? Why?

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