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PS4 operating system

Skorpinok Rover

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A quick google shows it to be running a modified version of FreeBSD 9.

As for powerful, not really. For the same cost you can build a gaming PC that absolutely creams it in terms of graphical performance. The consoles of today, the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are woefully underpowered for what you pay for them when compared to building your own gaming rig.

However, they are pretty much just throw the disc in, wait for the update or install and away you go.

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They're a fixed target, meaning you can optimize the SHIT out of it. As a game developer, you don't have to create abstractions and such in case your graphics card doesn't support feature ABC. You know if it's there or not. You know, with disgusting detail, exactly what every part of the system will be doing while your game runs and you can cheat a bit because you know that if you send funky instruction 0x1534 to the CPU that thing that normally required two instructions now happen in 1. And you didn't even have to perform a quick test to see if the instruction really is available.

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Not Sure if this should be here or in its own topic, but I have heard of people booting different Linux distros on a ps4. My question is, is this a myth or is it really possible to boot Linux on a PS4. If so how does this work. Im not looking for a step by step guide on how this is achieved i would just like to understand the process a bit. Much Love -Loki:wink:

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I don't think you can anymore.  Used to be able to run linux on the ps2 though.  The Air Force bought up a crap ton of them to do some kind of beowulf clustering with them.



Ahh, I see this is a new exploit.  Sorry, no info on that.

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