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[WIP] My custom WEB UI


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Within an hour or so, I started working on editing the MKV's UI. Here's what I've changed so far:

  1. Recon Mode asks you to start PineAP when trying to deauth but it isn't started.
  2. Main UI color has been changed from green to orange, to indicate that the custom version has been installed.
  3. Buttons are themed and don't use the browsers default visuals.
  4. Power and Reboot options, below the Infusion and Recon links.

That's pretty much it :P I wouldn't mind making this into a community version of the mainstream UI, as it does seem like fun :) Anyone is free to contribute.

What I want/need to add:

  1. After starting PineAP, attempt to resend deauth packets.
  2. Make the UI prettier.
  3. Whatever else that makes everything feel nicer (not that it isn't nice already, I just wanna make things different).

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/lavanoid/WiFi_Pineapple_WebUI

All credits go to their respective owners, bla bla bla x3





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i was working on a red theme till i noticed how many infusions have their own .css file to edit.

a "pineapple skin" infusion would be cool. a color picker would be pretty easy to do if all the infusions used the main .css file instead of their own.

I actually had a script that you could use for the first version of the tile interface. You could probably dig it up through my posts and adapt that.

Be warned that its pretty ugly though.

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