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  1. As the title implies. I want to know what the name of the connector that is connected to the MKV mobo that allows you to connect the antenna. I've looked around the net but I haven't come across the name of it. Thanks!
  2. I was reading this http://linux-audit.com/filtering-arp-traffic-with-linux-arptables/and was wondering how to install arptables. You're probably wondering why I need it and here's the answer: My brother keeps scanning our LAN with his mobile phone, then reporting it to Dad, like the ass shagging PA that he is. He uses the application named Fing, which is a network discovery tool. First of all, the internet/WiFi do NOT belong to my Dad or Brother yet they feel they can try and take control of it (like last week, they pressed the reset button so they could erase my settings. The router does not belong to them and they had the nerve to do that), complaining about who's on the internet, bla bla bla. In short: They're control freaks who love to complain. The internet is in my Mom's name and she lets me do the network management stuff, thus I have permission to do what I want with the internet/wifi. I'm fed up of my brother scanning the network, being a nosy asshole then showing it my Dad, so they can start complaining about random crap (they literally complain about everything). For example, they complain about my sister being on the internet late at night even though she's an adult. You get the point - they're jerks. Anyways, I'd like to block these ARP packets so Fing cannot discover my Pineapple (as I use it in client mode, then bridge the internet to my other devices) and the only way to do so is by arptables. I may sound a bit paranoid but I guess you can say "I want to fight back" as I hate their control-freakness. Currently, I'm using this script which deaths my brothers phone every time he uses Fing: https://gist.github.com/lavanoid/343b1915e02c89dae5c4 which I guess is pretty cool and it gives him what he deserves but it would be better to just block his packets all together. At the end of the day, I know it's pretty pointless but the revenge feels sweet x3 I'd at least like to give him (brother) and my Dad, a challenge. BTW, what do you think of my script? Pretty nifty, right? xD Video:
  3. Welp, it's the closest that we have to "shutdown". I like things as generic as possible, so " halt" seemed odd to me. I just prefer to halt the system before unplugging.
  4. Just added a reboot and shutdown button :)
  5. I was looking at Darren's DronePWN script and I was a bit dissapointed by how he didn't improve it in the way that he could've. New things: Prettier log output Supports MULTIPLE drone killings No minimum interval limitation I haven't tested this on an actual drone so please forgive me for that. I can't afford one :P Code: https://github.com/lavanoid/ARDronePwn_Pineapple Have fun! Oh yeah, I also improved Wistlemasters deauth script. I'll make a separate post for that, later.
  6. 0_o Haha. The ports are phasing through the case. Did I break it? ._.
  7. Hey. I'm planning on designing a custom housing for the MKV but it would make things easier if I knew the dimensions of the mobo. Is there a 3D template that I could possibly go by? I was reading https://i.materialise.com/blog/how-to-design-a-raspberry-pi-case-for-3d-printing aswell as this http://www.instructables.com/id/Design-Modelling-your-own-Raspberry-Pi-case-out-/ Any info would be appreciated! :D
  8. Haha. Thank you! If I manage to make one, I'll be sure to share the results :)
  9. I haven't thought about making a case for slices, yet. At the moment, I'm interested in seeing how the expansion port works. If I was to design a slice case, it would probably cover the whole top of the pineapple and clip onto thw sides, giving a stable connection and lots of space inside, to expand :) As for a custom MKV housing, thinking of either making it white or made out of some sort of metal. Perhaps illuminum? Not entirely sure, at the moment. Something like this, made for the mkv, would be pretty nice: http://thepihut.com/collections/raspberry-pi-cases/products/pibow-ninja-rpi-b A transparent case and adding some copper heat sinks to the cpu and a few other chips, would look pretty cool if you ask me. :) I haven't made a case before so I'll see how it goes. I'm surprised no one else is designing cases and making a few ££ from them.
  10. Within an hour or so, I started working on editing the MKV's UI. Here's what I've changed so far: Recon Mode asks you to start PineAP when trying to deauth but it isn't started. Main UI color has been changed from green to orange, to indicate that the custom version has been installed. Buttons are themed and don't use the browsers default visuals. Power and Reboot options, below the Infusion and Recon links. That's pretty much it :P I wouldn't mind making this into a community version of the mainstream UI, as it does seem like fun :) Anyone is free to contribute. What I want/need to add: After starting PineAP, attempt to resend deauth packets. Make the UI prettier. Whatever else that makes everything feel nicer (not that it isn't nice already, I just wanna make things different). GitHub Repo: https://github.com/lavanoid/WiFi_Pineapple_WebUI All credits go to their respective owners, bla bla bla x3
  11. Okey doke. Thank you for the response :D As for manually porting the driver... I don't have the patience to do that, especially since I've spent the past 2 days trying to do it x3 Thanks again! :D
  12. Neat. Just looked through the Wiki. Would be nice to have schematics for the GPIO pins on the Pineapple (if there is, I must be going blind). Couldn't find anything for 3D printable housing :(
  13. I followed the build guide here: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!build_guide.md but when I get to "make menuconfig" and look though the kernel packages, I cant find kmod-rtl8192cu, which is the kernel module/driver that I've spent the past two days trying to get ._. I don't know what I can do.
  14. Whats happening about the "Pineapple Slices" for hardware expansion? I haven't heard much about it... Could we use the GPIO pins to make robots or something? What's happening about this feature? I was thinking about making a custom case for the MKV (because why not?) but is there any form of schematics that I could work by? Did Darren mention that he was going to release some sort of blue prints so we could 3D print our own cases for it? Thanks!
  15. Some OS's/Applications skip using DNS as they already know the IP address of a server. Perhaps they have a built in hosts config?
  16. That would be awesome! :D Do you think this option could be added in the next firmware release? Just curious ._.
  17. Yup. Still running out of space ._. Hating on openwrt and it's build system, atm.
  18. To be honest, it would be better to boot off of an external device. We're limited on what packagaes can be installed. Even the dependencies for portalauth, eats up a bunch of space, making the user have to sym link data to the sd card. It's way too limited, in my opinion. I do think that booting off of something external, is the way to go. It would offer so much more flexibility.
  19. I tried building openwrt so I could get the package for "kmod-rtl8192cu" but it hasn't gone in my favour. I keep getting errors while compiling and I have no idea what the heck is going on. I've had a few errors before this error message but here it is: I've spent hours trying to get this working but still no luck. OpenWRT's documentations must be outdated or something because I followed all their build steps ._. Anyone else got any ideas? Perhaps someone will have better luck than me, trying to build it? Thanks.
  20. Okay, OpenWRT is just a pain in the ass ._. It won't compile. :(
  21. It had literally ran out of space within minutes. Symlinking some data as sud0nick mentioned, seems to have fixed it for now. The free 3MB is still unbearable imo. Thanks for the tip :)
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