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How i can shut down person internet for 10 mins?


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Unplug the router

Unplug the modem

Turn off the power in the house

Cancel internet subscription

DDoS attacks have no legitimate usage so I question your intent.

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I got this one. You just download a program called LOIC (just google it ) then you want to put in the ip address box and hit "lock on" then go to option 3 and change the threads to 1000 and this hit the big button "Imma chargin ma lazer" Happy Hunting!!! :ph34r:

Disclaimer ___This information is for educational use only!!! And is illegal. You have been warned.

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Like the other guys are saying. Be a WEE bit more elaborate on what you want to do, why you want to do it and what you've tried so far.

Since there's a time limit there's either something coming up where you want to impress some people (which you won't) or it's for school in which case the objective is to learn as opposed to ask and be given a full answer after which you get the rest of the 3 days to jerk it (it's the internet after all).

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