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Hey what's up, so I'm grasping in the dark but we'll if see if it goes. About a year go my daughters mother "parentally kidnapped" our daughter and she's been on the run ever since. I've hired private detectives, tons of money on lawyers but, unless we can serve her with the court documents there's nothing that can be done and she's actively avoiding service. Last I heard she's in New Mexico and it's possible she's back into her old ways of abusing drugs.

Now, everyone knows that you can track someone by their cell phone and, I have her cell phone number. What I'm looking for is some help finding a provider who can help me with this. I've gone on all the hacking job boards and posted up...Almost instantly I got responses--oh yeah, we'll track her no problem--$800 bucks--okay, let's use the escrow program--no, You must pay up front with western union----obviously, just some dopes living in Nigeria ripping people off from an internet cafe. I know this can be done..just got be find the right help. Anyways, there it is.

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"You" can't track someone by their cell phone. The network provider can help, but you need to find the provider for the area the person is in. Oh, and get a court order compelling them to do so. Anyone trying to sell you on anything else is completely full of shit, doing something very illegal or both. And no, your sob story, true or false, won't keep you out of jail when the excrement reaches the propellor.

Instead of trying to sollicit hackers, you should contact the FBI. It's their job to handle this sort of thing, they have the legal right and obvious ability to do this.

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A friend of mine has the same issue. However, she taking the kid, means no one has full custody, so, he went and found her, took her back, then when he got home, filed for full custody, which enforced that he was the guardian. If she does this, you will be summoned to court to contest, but vice versa, will happen, and she would have to fight it. Granted she can't be found at the moment, so that makes it hard, but once she is, you have every right to take her back then file for custody. You have to be careful though since she may end up getting joint or full custody in the process if the kid wants to stay with the mom, but in my friends case, they found the mother to be unfit and he has had full custody of her ever since he took her back, and she was a couple of states away when he had to go find her.The thing you don't want to do, is roll in with local police from where she lives since she will have home turf and you will then have to fight her wherever her new home town is.

IF you find her, and can manage to pick up your kid(her willing to go to will be an issue), say from school or such, and get her home, then the wife would have to come back to your state to fight you on custody. Your lawyers should have the info you need on what you can and can't do(every state differs though with regard to guardianship) but as cooper mentioned you could have law enforcement get the kid back and put her on a kidnapped/missing persons list.

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There used to be websites that would track people via phone numbers according to computer forensics book on my shelf, but I would be surprised if it actually still works. Stuff like that would have probably been knocked off the internet years ago. I am pretty sure the wild west days of tracking people via phone number are over. Purely the domain of the feds now, but do some google searches, and make sure you don't catch a virus. Also make sure you don't send money to disreputable individuals who want the money "up front". This basically appears to be a law enforcement matter, I am sure they have more toys than we do.

If you want to do some searches without catching a virus, I would suggest downloading vmware player (the free one), and a knoppix distro, or possibly even the VMWare browser appliance which is a vmware player distro specifically for searching securely. You are traceable, but provided you are not doing anything illegal then you should be fine. When you visit a site and your virtual machine crashes or displays "segmentation fault" you know you have found a bad guy's site. Usually people can't break out of virtual machines but I will not tell you it is impossible (I don't think I have been infected with anything yet, this is as bullet proof as you can get in this imperfect universe). There is some scripting that you need to do for the browser appliance, so read the documentation, it is pretty painless.

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