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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All, Back before the FCC closed down the FM band to new applications, I was a Broadcast Engineer, designing and building everything from LPFMs to full power 100kw stations. One company I worked with in 2003-2004 figured out how to file so many LPFM apps automatically that we overloaded and crashed the FCC servers, and in the end, wound up MXing hundreds of LPFM applications (or was it thousands...). Anyways... I was sitting here watching Edward Snowden's VICE video on how to hack your phone, with the subject of going Black with your smartphone. In the video, he was ripping out three microphones from the phone, and to me, it looked both sad, and expensive, and personally, I was wondering, is there not a better way??? Then I thought to myself, WHY NOT JUST BUILD A SIMPLE METAL CASE FOR THE PHONE? 1. The moment you turn the phone on and access the network, you're open to surveillance. 2. Snowden suggested using an external mic, but when you plug one in, that can be hacked, until you unplug it. 3. Location sensors can be turned off (at least on my Android). 4. In the metal case, no signals can get to the phone, to activate it. 5. In the metal case, no signals can get out of the phone, if it has a trojan. My thought are a tight-fitting fabric-lined metal case, that would snap shut. It shouldn't be too hard to make, and signal attenuation could be easily checked. Thoughts? Comments?
  2. Hey what's up, so I'm grasping in the dark but we'll if see if it goes. About a year go my daughters mother "parentally kidnapped" our daughter and she's been on the run ever since. I've hired private detectives, tons of money on lawyers but, unless we can serve her with the court documents there's nothing that can be done and she's actively avoiding service. Last I heard she's in New Mexico and it's possible she's back into her old ways of abusing drugs. Now, everyone knows that you can track someone by their cell phone and, I have her cell phone number. What I'm looking for is some help finding a provider who can help me with this. I've gone on all the hacking job boards and posted up...Almost instantly I got responses--oh yeah, we'll track her no problem--$800 bucks--okay, let's use the escrow program--no, You must pay up front with western union----obviously, just some dopes living in Nigeria ripping people off from an internet cafe. I know this can be done..just got be find the right help. Anyways, there it is.
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