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Was able to get pretty fair with this in my ubuntu server, (for some reason didn't have any issues in openwrt).

However while watching of the tutorial i can to a stopping point when i ran into the .htaccess URL rewrite error as Darren did.

Darren said he would be linking to the configuration file to get passed this yet i can not find it anywhere so far.

I have checked youtube.


hak.org>show>season18>bilding your own friendica server-- then checked the written tutorial below the video. Everything seemed to be there except for .htaccess stuff.

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Make sure apache mod_rewrite is enabled and allow overrides is in your conf set to allow. if allow overrides is not enabled, it any rules in .htaccess files wo't work. Then drop your .htaccess file in your www root or directory path of the files you want to use an htaccess file rules on.

htaccess is pretty straight forward, google has pretty much everything you can think of and I can't off the top of my head about how to use it.

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Thanks digip.

I tried that and never could get it going.

So I went to dreamhost. Lol.

I will try again after I read more on apache2 and ubuntu server.

I am also beginning to believe comcast might be giving me issues because a simple apt - get update would not work on a fresh install

However I could access us.ubuntu.com through my broswer but only if I used a page proxy.

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hmm. can' thelp trouble shoot local issues, but yeah, dreamhost will have mod_rewrite and allow overrides on by default, and unless you have a VPS, you won't be able to really change this anyways.

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