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My whitehat U3 payload


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Since all current payloads are kinda grey/blackhat, I thought I'd make a whitehat one. This payload does some small security fixes, removes temporary files and such, speeds up windows, and does a check for spyware and viruses.

It's still very small, and I am planning to add more stuff to it, with some help and suggestions of you guys :D .


- Removes all traces from the Switchblade/Hacksaw

- Disables CDrom autorun

- Disables LM hashes

- Disables anonymous access

- Disables the clearing of the pagefile at shutdown

- Sets prefetch to cache both normal and system files

- Disables the thing which shows when a file was last accessed. This increases the overall speed of windows

- Deletes temporary files

- Updates antivirus, and then scans for viruses and spyware

- Scans for rootkits

- Performs a chkdsk to repair any damage to the HDD

- Defragments the C: drive

- Creates a system restore point


Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3 OLD FILE by Spartain X

Wiki page

Sorry for the large file, but that's the antivirus/antispyware component.

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Guest Twilight Zone

It's great.I work with 30 non-techy peoples and clean computers for them,this is for mass actions.Howewer,is it posible to remove chkdsk and defragments the C: drive ? it's takes too much time and I think in most cases unnesessary.

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Is there anyway to make it so that this is not hidden? I really like this antidote but everything is so hidden and I am not sure why. I would actually like some sort of progress bar myself. But if it would at least show a console window with the output I would be happy. I tried to dump the dir to my desktop but it disappeared. Revealing hidden files does not work and so I just deleted it using linux. Being so hidden makes me feel as though something underhanded is going on here. I want it to be a useful tool with progress easily seen so I know how long to leave it in and such.

Any help would be much appreciated

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You also have to enable `view system files and folders` in order to view the files. You can then just edit the go.cmd and see there is nothing scary going on. I think I will add a progress thingie along with it, like you said, which shows what task it is performing, and which are done.. stay tuned :D

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any idea why I might not be able to autorun this USBAntidote on my laptop? I enabled autorun and reinstalled U3 and it autoruns. But when I use Antidote it does not. If I right click on the faux cdrom and choose autorun it does nothing. If I click on the vbe script it does nothing but if I click on go.cmd it does run.

Does anyone have a way to see whats in the encrypted vbe on the iso so I can see whats going on? I am really a n00b to this but could there be something on my laptop that won't run vbe's or somthing like that preventing it from autorunning? I have take no action to stop it from running. This is a Dell Lattitude D620.

So anyway I would love to get a peak at the vbe and also would like to know why I can't autorun the antidote or any cutom payload.

P.S. For reference I ran the hacked lpinstaller for sandisk as I have a cruzer. I then copied over the payload to the root dir of the flash drive. Pop it in and nada. I tried the lpinstaller from all the different payloads thinking that maybe the one I initially used was corrupt but nothing. Although I can reinstall U3 and it works "perfectly".

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