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Linset on Pineapple

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I know some people have attempted but couldn't do it.

Linset would be a great asset to the mkv. Better yet a combination of Evil Portal and Linset would simply be insane.

The only problem with linset is that it doesn't work with https and you can modify the splash screen. (at least not that easily)

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Looks like core utils sleep should be used instead of the busy box one that comes with pineapple. And also, with a little work, should be able to get the xterm calls over to a tmux session instead. I'll have to look into this sometime-)

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I got a bit further but there is no Xterm in the repo.

Even if there was an xterm, there's no windows system (desktop) to run it in. And if there were, with no console/keyboard/mouse on the pineapple, you would also need RDP. Xterm is a terminal emulator/client integrated with the X-Windows system.

I think a direct Linset port to the pineapple is unfeasible because of the xterm dependency. That's not to say that someone couldn't write an infusion, but I think porting the existing desktop version is a bust.

Edit: You might get by if you used the DISPLAY env variable (e.g. DISPLAY=desktophost:0.0), but this would require a route from the pineapple to "desktophost" which is often not practical. I still don't think this is the way to go.

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I'm not sure why you even need xterm. I tried getting LINSET to work on my Pineapple a few months back and I recall just taking the bit that checks for xterm out of the code. I think there were a few other problems though which is why I abandoned it altogether.

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