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i want to setup jitsi can anyone help me setup process ..i am using cloud server

I followed these 3 steps


after this i am now getting in that ip address

Welcome to nginx!

daren said about portforwarding ..i dont know how to complete rest of the process?? ..plz someone help me in setting up my hangouts in my server

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Read this. You can probably skip up to the "Install nginx" chapter.

The simple install should've done much of the things described here already. Verify that they're in fact done properly and determine for yourself, based on what information they provide, what's happening, what should be happening and if those two aren't the same, what to change to make them te same.

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daren says " u do have to have fully qualified domain name match what nginx is going to see otherwise your going to see picture of my cat ( welcome to nginx) 27:07 in his video

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... because?

Probably because it's by IP and hangouts wants a fully qualified domain name? Not 100% sure, just reading what he mentioned in other post that Darren had said.

@siddharth - what is your domain name for the site, or do you not have a registered domain name for this server? I suspect you have everything setup properly, you just need DNS and a domain name registered for the server, but double check everything since I haven't seen the episode yet. Can try using DynDNS to work around for now though and see if you can trick the system to point to your cloud servers IP, but not 100% sure if that will work.

edit: i see the page at but also get an HTTPS certificate error, so that may be another reason it fails for other people?

emailAddress: webmaster@debian.localdomain
Servers name does not match the certificates name "hangouts", but that may happen even after you have DNS working. Edited by digip
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Well, you don't own the root domain hak5.org, so you wouldn't really be able to install one pointed to the real site and have it not fail..lol.

I'll have to go watch the episode to see what all the hub bub is about, but I assume right now all you have is the initial setup and landing page done and that it's supposed to show something other than a default jitsi page for hangouts?

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Looking at it, I know why I myself can't see the rooms after watching the video and get the error about unsupported browser, which is because I have WebRTC disabled for security reasons. For others with it enabled, it should work. You need a newer HTML5 and Web RTC capable(and Web RTC enabled) browser though, ie: latest Chrome, FireFox and Opera browsers.

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how to check vulnerabilities in my site. what tools do you use more

Asking what tools you use and how to check vulnerabilities is not a bad question, but every tool does different things and depends on what you are trying to do so your question depends on the attack vector and what each tool can do. Anyone can point tools at a site, but with the wrong tool, it's like walking into a brick wall. Does little to help.

Things to think about, and why we said use google(in your how di I create forums post thread), and not trying to be rude, but we don't know what forum software you are using, what server OS, web server you use, hosting company you use; many factors to to think about in an attack scenario...

If trying to break into a system, you need to know what you are attacking to try and get in. In doing the attack, you research your target and test different known vulnerabilities, or install a local copy of the same software in a VM for testing before going public(which you might find your own 0-day depdning on what you are running). Scour over the source code looking for holes and anything that can let you in.

In a similar fashion, you do the same to protect it, or for all matters, try breaking into your own site, forum software and web server if you must. You can't defend when you don't know what is open, what kinds of attacks there are for different software, which takes an approach to go after what you know about the target, which at this point, we know nothing other than you want to install some forum software. If you want tutorials on locking down the web sever, you google for your web server, look up the publisher and how they recommend securing it based on their install instructions (which many things by default may leave certain things turned on you want off, etc). You do the same with forum software, which with anything, probably has holes somewhere.

In either instance you research the vulnerabilities and test them against your version of the forum software brand you bought/downloaded/installed. When all else fails, google what you want to know, when you run into issues, you ask for help when actually configuring things you are about to change, pasting errors, settings, things you need help with but you aren't even that far along since you haven't even told us what you are running(and don't just yet..try installing one first and then looking at what you want to do from there).

Let me ask you this. What OS are you running on your HOME computer right now, not the site(we don't need to know this really but just illustrating a point), what software do you run on your OS, how do you keep it secured? Do you patch regularly, do you rely on anti-virus, firewalls, use safe surfing habits - what specifically have you done to secure your operations system, and how did you know to make changes or what changes have you made and why?

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