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How to set up Mark V on home router


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Hello everyone

Instead of plugging the Mark V pineapple diretly to my laptop I would like to connect it to my home router.

I would like to access its functionalities from various devices, android, windows desktop, linux laptop, ecc which all goes through the internet connection provided by the wifi router.

Is it possible to acheive that and do you know how?

I couldn't find any clear explanation anywhere (mainly goooooogle), I hope someone can help me with that

Thank you


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As sud0nick said, there is something called WiFi client mode. There is also wired clientmode. That's probably what you'd prefer.

Simply open the network infusion, head over to the wired tab and set it to client mode.

Best Regards,

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Thank you for taking the time to answer.

I still have something not clear in my mind.

Infact there is no issue for me in connecting it through a cable to the laptop, access the interface and the infusions and pick up the "home" wifi ssid and connect.

What I find difficult is to connect it with the same wire to one of the 4 port of the router instead. Once I have done that and I navigate, with a laptop connected wirlessly to the router, to the http address where the interface lies the browser will get stuck and wont access and eventually will timeout the page. Any idea?

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Hey fellas,

I'm having the same issue, "trying to connect my mkv to a router"

this is what i have done:

* Ethernet cable from mkv to dlink router

* In the mkv UI, Networking / Wired - "CLIENT MODE" "DHCP"

Local network settings

When i connect to my dlink router, i have internet but when going to it simply doesn't work,
I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
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It won't work that way because you need to access it by the IP the router gave to it. There are now two networks involved here. The Pineapple network on and your home network which is most likely Find the IP address assigned to the ethernet interface and you will be able to connect to it while on your home network.

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Thanks guys!!!

I simply went to my dlink's UI and went to the "status" menu to see what devices were

connected to my dlink router.

In my case it was: "" So i added the "1471" port to the local ip: ""


Thanks guys, here's a screenshot in case someone runs into the same problem.


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I have done everything in the answer and have received an address foir the pineapple from my router. The issue I'm having is I cannot ping the pineapple or access it in a web browser. I have rebooted the unit several times and still nothing. I access my router and it shows it is connected during the boot process. Shortly after the boot is finished the connection goes inactive.

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