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  1. Hi fringes Thank you for your indications. You pointed me to the right direction and i got my issue resolved. I was able to connect wirelessly to the pineapple and eventually sort the configuration out. As far as the ethernet was concerned it was just a silly thing like the ethernet interface being (some how) disconnected..... Thank you again, and by the way can you point me to some nice tutorial about PïneAP?
  2. Hello Everyone I hope someone can help me out as my pineapple has decided to stop working. It used to work perfectly fine. Unfortunately tonight I couldn't acces the web interface anymore. I have then restarted the pineapple but yet I couldn't get to the web interface. This time I have noticed that at the end of the booting procedure the green light was on and all the rest blinking in sequence. I decided to make a factory reset through the dip switches but again with no positive result. The light behaviour was: 1)green and red fix 2)green fix and blu blinking for 4/5 min 3)green fix with blue, red and amber blinking in sequence. I tryed to plug the ethernet cable but the pinapple didn't stop the light loop and behaved as it couldn't recognise the ethernet cable I thought the device might have been bricked and therfore I followed the unbrick procedure. All went well up to the final re-boot where yet again I got the same light behaviour and the ethernet cable didn't get recognised and I couldn't establish the connection to the pineapple. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me to understand what has happened to my pineapple and what need to be done to find a solution Thank you Stgrosso
  3. I am trying to find a video tutorial on PineAP. I found just a couple of them, which are ok but not entirely what I am looking for. I seem to remember I found one very good here few days ago on the forum but I cant'find it anywhere now. Any suggestions on where PineAP demo tutorials can be found? Thank you stefano
  4. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I still have something not clear in my mind. Infact there is no issue for me in connecting it through a cable to the laptop, access the interface and the infusions and pick up the "home" wifi ssid and connect. What I find difficult is to connect it with the same wire to one of the 4 port of the router instead. Once I have done that and I navigate, with a laptop connected wirlessly to the router, to the http address where the interface lies the browser will get stuck and wont access and eventually will timeout the page. Any idea?
  5. Hello everyone Instead of plugging the Mark V pineapple diretly to my laptop I would like to connect it to my home router. I would like to access its functionalities from various devices, android, windows desktop, linux laptop, ecc which all goes through the internet connection provided by the wifi router. Is it possible to acheive that and do you know how? I couldn't find any clear explanation anywhere (mainly goooooogle), I hope someone can help me with that Thank you Stefano
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