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wifipineapple site down?


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As of today I tried to update the pineapple bar and am not able to connect (from anywhere or any device). Checked to see if the site was down and this is what I got.

Wifipineapple.com is DOWN for everyone.

It is not just you. The server is not responding...

Any word on when it is going to be back up?


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Updates, new firmware etc. Patience.

wifipineapple still down. It's been weeks for me, still not able to connect the pineapple bar to download any infusions or any firmware updates. I realize that patience is required, but weeks? Does anyone know of any alternate download sites?

Status of wifipineapple web site please?

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Please disregard above message. My ISP must be blocking it through DNS. I can get to it from a out of country proxy but the infusions are not downloadable, only the firmware has active links.


Infusions have to be downloaded through the WiFi Pineapple's webinterface.

What country are you in that blocks access?

Best regards,


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FWIW, at work I can't access the pineapple website either because it's a "hacking website" (oooooooh!)

It's all rather benign though. It's shocking when you consider what websites it does allow.

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