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Save all infusions


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I'm going on vacation soon. I won't be near any free wifi for a while. Is there a way that I can save all of the infusions to my hard drive and manually load them if I wanted to mess around with people my kids? I suppose I could move all infusions to an sd card, choose my infusions that I want to use and save them to internal memory, replace with a blank card, use, and repeat as needed. Is there a different way?

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Hi yabasoya,

First of all, "messing around with people" is not something we condone. Remember that you need explicit permission to use the WiFi Pineapple in most countries.

Regarding the infusions though, you could install them all to the SD card and simply hide the ones that you don't want to use.

If they are hidden, they will not slow down the webinterface, and won't slow down the pineapple if they are on the sd card.

Best regards,


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Depending on the country you live in it is illegal.

However, in a few countries if you own the network then you can do practically whatever you want on that network as long as it doesn't break other laws. I.E. stealing banking info.

Now with that being said, you have to remember that hak5 is a profesional business that would like to stay in business, if they are labeled as a company who sell malicious tools to malicious people, even for the sake of fun. They could very well be shut down. Just remember this when wording questions.

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