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.NET is now open source!


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.NET is now open source and will be coming to linux and OSX which is amazing news for all of those out there like me who hate windows but have to program in .NET for work so you have a windows VM that you live in during the day.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Well, the problem remains that .Net client-side (WPF) is still closed.

Mono... Yeah, I donno, really. It doesn't hurt to have choice. Open Source is all about that. But those devs could now definitely ask themselves "What's the point"?

For me personally, this is excellent news. I've been keeping .Net somewhat at bay simply because having to work in it in any meaningful way required Visual Studio which required Windows (duh) and thus required me to run it in a VirtualBox. This is a significant improvement. Supposedly they're working on vi integration, whatever that might look like.

I'm wondering why they waited until now and why now? Were people afraid monkeyboy would start flinging chairs around again, so they had to wait for him to GTFO?

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I've used mono before buts pretty buggy. I couldn't run some applications developed for work in mono but it would work fine in .NET and some things that would break in .NET would run in mono. The mono devs should probably just pick up working on the .NET core and make it better. The reason microsoft did this is unclear but I think maybe it has something to do with them laying off employees? They probably said "why do we need a whole department working on this if we can just open source it have people do it for free and just pay a few guys to manage everything"

I hope visual studios comes to linux or OSX as well. Its my favorite IDE for .NET

No matter what microsofts reasons for this were its a great thing for the linux community I bet we will be seeing a lot of things coming over to linux now because we now have official .NET support

I never thought I'd say this but... good job microsoft!

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