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Potentially, but if you wanted that you'd get an AWUS036H. It'll be much cheaper and less of a resource hog to the machine.

What you're suggesting is comparable to saying "Since Wifi and microwaves use the same band, can I use my wireless network adapter to heat up my food? Or can I use my microwave to surf the internet?"

The HackRF is a software defined radio capable of both sending and receiving. The sending bit makes it a unique radio at that price point. Since it's a software defined radio, it has a pretty significant range of operation. From just a few MHz up to several GHz. Now, there's nothing stopping you from tuning this radio to one of the wireless bands, decoding the received data (checksums and what not) and presenting it to the OS as a network device. But it'd be a significant amount of work, especially considering the fact that you can get a wifi radio these days for under 10 bucks.

To summarise: it's probably possible to do this, but nobody's written the code for that just yet because it makes really no sense to do so. If you want a good wifi adapter, buy a good wifi adapter. If you want a cheap SDR capable of sending and receiving, get a HackRF.

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