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Email and passwords were leaked

Guest spazi

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So shit just hit the fan, over 5 million emails and passwords were leaked on the internet.

Most of them are russian emails it seems.
I can vouch for it's authenticity and say that some friends of mine are on that list.
I'm not gonna share the list, but there are ton of links on the internet if you want to check if your email has been breached, or send me a pm.


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DOH! I should check my sources before posting shit :p
I just wanted to give you guys a heads up.
As I said, a lot of people I know got hacked, now I know where. News websites said it was google, I guess I kinda panicked :P
Thanks mr-protocol

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Yeah google was not hacked google claims these accounts are likely phished or something else they claim their is no signs of them being hacked.

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