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MSN/Hotmail password grabbing


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For a no good reason I sighned up for a new MSN acount today, and they want to know all sort about you. Your job, your title, your gender, your actual age (it [robably says in the terms of service that it is agenst the terms of service to lie on your information page) and your post code. Of course I lied about all thes things, I even went as far to go to yell.com and searched for "Food" to find a real post code that isn't any where near me.

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You're unable to buy a computer without Windows on it.

MMmm there are more and more computer store's that sell computers with the OS Linspire.

And not only at Wal*mart or BestBuy in the US but also in computerstore here in the Netherlands (at http://www.dvcs.nl/winkel)

So there is more choice then only buying a computer with or without Windows.



And my MSN info gifs no ifo and is just blanco.

And I like it that way.

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So, let me summarise your logic:

You're unable to buy a computer without Windows on it.

You don't want to use Windows, so you're paying for something you don't want, feel extorted, and now hate Microsoft.

Everything that Microsoft has been involved in is now automatically crap and/or stuff you refuse to use on general principle.

The thing is, you can buy a machine without Windows. However while logic would suggest these systems should be cheaper than the regular ones, they in fact aren't because not installing that OS (to them) means they have to do something special, and that will cost you money. And typically more money than the legal OS image cost. Then you say "What?? $159 (or whatever) for not installing an OS???". Well, keep in mind that when you buy that preinstalled OS, you get it with truly monumental discounts. An example. The latest Pro version of Office will set you back in excess of 600 dollars, but when I order through my company I can get it for about 30, including shipping. And that's not because my company is sponsoring it. They have a volume deal.

Bottom-line is that you're free to claim that Microsoft is crap, but please use facts related to that specific assertion. So if you say Hotmail is crap, either back it up with logic, as opposed to pointing out the company that's currently running it, say you hate them, and thus the service is rubbish.

I mean, I don't trust Google, so I don't use their GMail and other services. I do however use their search engine, because as distrusting as I am with their other products, that search engine is working just fine for me.

I understand what you mean. I was offtopic on this one. Sorry for this.

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we're all thinking too deeply, this guy whose getting access and changeing the password is probally some dickbeak, so think like one .. got it yet?

since the pass is changing, he is obsually useing the "password rest" ficality by clicking "frogot your password?". He knows the ans. to the screat question, so change the screat question.

just think like a dickbeak.


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I cant be stuffed reading three pages on this, so if this has been said just ignore it. But from what i read you said he doesnt have access tot he computer, and that one of the passwords wouldnt of been able to be guessed, with that information i would assume he used one of the many xss injections in hotmail to get his hands on your friends cookies. Did your friend click any wierd links from this guy? Or has she got an email from him with a link and when clicked the link did she get taken to a login page for hotmail and then enter the information? If the answers to that is no then take a look at the reset password option, you said he was an ex boyfriend which would mean he would know things about you, which also says he could of just reset the password by answering the securit question.

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