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Light weight OS for MKV's buddy


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I'm not sure this is the right thread but here goes, I have a MSI wind u100 netbook from five or six years ago. I want to run another linux environment to use as a "testing computer", the problem I've been haveing is most OS's are to heavy for the six year old netbook. I've been running Xubuntu which is a lightweight distro of Ubuntu and that still runs slow! Is there a way to boot into the command line? Or do I have a better option?

Just a note, I've put in an SSD I had lying around so the HD is not what's slowing it down.

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I would've opted for 'Talk/Questions' but there are others who know what's proper.

So.... It's slow, eh? What makes you say that?

Takes long before it starts booting?

Takes long before you see the desktop?

Tries to burn a hole in your SSD long after you've completed your login?

Takes long before a started program gets on the screen (and if so, which programs)?

Is yours the one with 512 MB or 1 GB of ram? The chipset supports up to 2 GB so this might be an upgrade to consider. Did you set up a (how large?) swap partition?

Which desktop environment / windowmanager are you using?

When you run 'top' during something that takes long, what does it show? The machine sports a single-core 32-bit 1.6 GHz Atom which had never been a sprinter to begin with, even when it was introduced.

My suggestion would be to install a minimal Gentoo, set both gnome and kde as unwanted options and install a minimalistic windowmanager like Fluxbox. Research a little if certain programs you like to use have a non-DE-specific counterpart and use that instead. And most importantly, accept that this machine simply is slow. It'll never compare. Be happy with whatever remaining performance you can still wring out of it.

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Possibly increase the memory. You could try DSL(Damn Small Linux), I haven't used it in a long time. Last time I did, I believe the ISO was around 50Mb.

You could also try Slitaz or Puppy Linux, I can run these on a 12year old Dell inspiron laptop, It amase me that this laptop still work, I'll sell it to a museum in a coupple of year lol

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