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Upgrade files manually with Windows


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Is there a way to upgrade PMV using a Windows CMD line? I am unable to connect with the interface and am having trouble with my hard drive with Kali on it so is there a way to use the directions here https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing in a Windows setting?

Background: After the PMV arrived the other day I had installed exactly as the manual defined but it was not able to connect to the interface. Basically everything was successful up until the 3:05 mark of this video

youtube.com/ --- watch?v=cyxGqrUUr0Q

I have already tried a dip switch reboot.

Currently the green light is solid and the amber light is steadily flashing.

The device is connected through the Ethernet and the main computer is connected to the internet via WiFI.

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"Download Win scp so you can ssh into your pineapple download the new firmware from here

transfer the firmware to your tmp directory if md5 matches and is good then use a terminal emulator like putty and connect to pineapple using ssh and type in sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/name of file.bin ."

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