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Laptop battery build


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So here is a couple pics of my build so far, pretty proud of it. Only cost $20 for the tactix case, $20 for the wireless card (optional), and the rest i had lying around. The box actually fits two batteries, however the pineapple lasts about 20+ hours running off one with another wireless card attached. The battery is still completely rechargeable using the laptop it came with as a dock.





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My first experiment with those batteries was when I busted open some battery packs and it contained those blue batteries. I soldered them in series and I got 3.5 X 3 = 10.5 (If I remember correctly) Anyways, I thought I could charge it with a 12 volt charger. I was wrong, I killed the batteries. 12 volt chargers charge at 13.5. So if you were thinking on going that route instead of the laptop charger, just be careful.

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