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List of Infusions - MKV


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I thought I would make a list of infusions and a brief summary of what they do, it might make choosing one more interesting.

Commander - lets you communicate to your pineapple over IRC

Wifi Jammer - This is an infusion to run MDK3 DeAuthentication attacks on surrounding clients from your MK5. This will work with both the internal RTL8187 card or with an external USB Alfa.

SMSer - Control your pineapple via text messages

FruitySniffer - a bash script that automates sniffing on a network.

Randomroll - Inserts gifs, and other images into webpages.

Evilportal - A nodogsplash captive protal
Blackout - Control the LEDs of the pineapple

I am unsure about these as i haven't used them yet...

Ettercap - Spoofs arp addresses?

WiFi Manager - Manages your wifi?

Trap Cookies - ???

URLSnarf - ???

Have one I haven't mentioned?

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