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I'm hopfefully attending next year's Defcon if I manage to stop getting drunk all the time and actually save some cash. :lol:

Here's a link to their downloadable video, mp3 and text lectures. Most of which I found very informative/entertaining. Especially the "Hacking Nmap" one.


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I make it to Black Hat and DefCon as it’s always a laugh and you can see/ learn some interesting things, but a lot of the presentations are just repeated at other conferences so it seem a little pointless attending them unless it’s a social thing.

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I was just compiling a list of some of the recommended conferences for myself, and thought I would share. I know some of these already occurred, but at least it gives you a general time period and location to expect future ones (bold dates are ones that have yet to occur).

Defcon 8/4/06 - 8/6/06. Las Vegas, NV

ShmooCon 3/23/07 - 3/25/07. Washington, D.C.

PhreakNIC 10/20/06 - 10/22/06. Nashville, TN

Black Hat DC 2/26/07 - 3/1/07. Arlington, VA

Black Hat USA 6/28/07 - 8/2/07. Las Vegas, NV

HOPE 6 7/21/06 - 7/23/06. New York City, NY

RUXCON 9/30/06- 10/1/06. University of Technology, Australia

Hack In The Box

Let me know if there are updated dates for these conferences or if there are more, and I'll edit this post.

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I am working on a googlemaps API so you can signup and find a ride or people to go with you etc..

A cyber-carpool site? Sounds like the perfect thing for a cereal-killer/rapist.

I'm joking. This would actually be a cool thing if it could later be a nationwide service. Every "Save the Earth" org would kiss your arse.

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