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A Simple Question........


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.......with hopefully a simple answer.....

I have a clear understanding of what the Pineapple is and understand what it does and how it works.... but im unsure of one thing.......


Laptop "A" connects to Router "A" via wifi at my friends home

I come in with my Pineapple and let it do its business, the pineapple sends deauth packets, finds probe requests and Laptop "A" then connects to the Pineapple....


But what is stopping Laptop "A" from reconnecting to Router "A", is the pineapple doing something else to stop this from happening. Is the Pineapple more cunning than I thought!?

Thanks in advance....

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I could be wrong (correct me if I am)...

This is actually dependent on a matter of physics.

You will want to position the Pineapple closer in physical proximity to the laptop than the wifi router is.

Then, your Pineapple will respond faster (in a matter of miliseconds) than the real one. What I mean is, the responses travel at the same speed through the air... So whichever device is closer, the response will travel to the client sooner.

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The above will only apply if the network that the laptop was connected to was unencrypted.

In that case the Pineapple will broadcast the same SSID and whoever responds to the probe request first will get the client, I think it's all about the speed of the response and although proximity does play a role it is not certain that it will respond faster when it's closer

If the network was encrypted the only way to prevent them from connecting to that network would be to keep a deauth running constantly so they (or their PC) are forced to look for a different AP (hopefully they'll sent out probe requests for an unencrypted AP so they'll connect to your Pineapple through Karma)

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Thanks for all the replies-------

So there is no guarantee that the victims laptop will connect to the Pineapples AP?? Just keep running the deauth attacks???

If you keep router A suspended long enough, the client will connect to the Pineapple regardless of proximity/ signal strength. Once the client connects to the Pineapple, the client will remain connected until the Pineapple is removed from the area or the client manually disconnects. Laptop A will not automatically leave its connection with the Pineapple to connect to a network with a stronger signal.

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