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  1. I could be wrong (correct me if I am)... This is actually dependent on a matter of physics. You will want to position the Pineapple closer in physical proximity to the laptop than the wifi router is. Then, your Pineapple will respond faster (in a matter of miliseconds) than the real one. What I mean is, the responses travel at the same speed through the air... So whichever device is closer, the response will travel to the client sooner.
  2. Hi there, I went ahead and slapped my 9dbi antennas on from my alfa adapters... But then realized that they are RP-SMA, and the Pineapple is SMA... Long story short, many consumer grade antennas will not work without these: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005H488Y4/ I am waiting for mine.
  3. Hmmm... You may have gotten a bad card. Maybe get the firmware image and write it to the card yourself? Shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes at most to load firmware on the Pineapple.
  4. Yes, upon first boot you should wait a long long time for your firmware to load (blinking amber light). After that, reboot and connect an ethernet from the Pineapple to a laptop. Refer to the manual that came with your Pineapple. Bring up the admin panel in your browser at the super secret ip address specified in your Pineapple manual. After you hook up with ethernet, then you can configure the Pineapple to connect to your office wifi. After connected to the wifi, you can connect to the admin panel from the wan side through wifi. Or, have the Pineapple advertise as an AP and connect to that directly.
  5. Oh, my bad... I glossed over that word. In that case, I have had my eye on this guy: http://www.amazon.com/Brands-Wireless-2-4GHz-Antenna-Booster/dp/B0054MLMLA/ Buuuuuuuut, it says "SMA Male" and then... the picture shows otherwise. This one's lookin' good: http://www.amazon.com/1100-1350MHz-External-Yagi-Antenna-male/dp/B00D1HHDHM/ Maybe this one for theoretical demonstrative "WAR Driving" : http://www.amazon.com/Wilson-Electronics-Dual-Band-Connector/dp/B0018PS4O0/ Too bad my state of Minnesota is cut out of the Amazon Affiliates Program...
  6. Of course... You are going to get hired by your entire neighborhood and apartment complex to legally Pen test each and every one of them, right?
  7. Well... Actually, what I really needed was: for($i=255; $i <= 300; $i++){ echo "172.16.42.".$i; }
  8. So... I thought this was "Mark V Gallery Show Off" Anyway, here we go: :) Anybody else?
  9. Curious about the same thing. I had it charged to 1 red, 2 greens, 1 unlit... After like 9 or 10 hours... I went again and charged the pack over night (while I had not used it yet). Now, finally it is showing all lights full on the pack, but still no green light on charger... Is it good to go? Or does the charger know that it is not charged to where it should be.
  10. So, I'm gathering that (after these changes) the Karma intelligence Report tab is supposed to list currently connected clients? And I'm sorry to keep nagging about pineapple-noob stuff, but could you guys tell me the difference between the first set and the second set on the Karma Log Tab? Also, why do some show as br-lan, and some show as wlan0 (wifi)? Thanks!
  11. Maybe I am just not getting it... Possibly this was explained somewhere else. In Karma, the "Intelligence Report" Tab says: Karma Intelligence Report HW Address IP Address hostname SSID [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] Wii SmurfVillage Which is the Wii in the living room... Then, the "Karma Log" tab says: Karma Log 1384066095 [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] Gondor [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma]1384072374 [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] Wii [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma]1384057540 [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] android-1f2dc00c457ef930 *IP address HW type Flags HW address Mask Device172.16.42.234 0x1 0x2 [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] * br-lan172.16.42.165 0x1 0x2 [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] * br-lan10.0.0.1 0x1 0x2 [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] * wlan1KARMA: Successful association of [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma]KARMA: Checking SSID for start of association, pass through SmurfVillageKARMA: Probe Request from [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] for SSID 'Guest-Hopkins'KARMA: Probe Request from [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] for SSID 'CenturyLink8349'KARMA: Probe Request from [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] for SSID 'Southampton Party Room'KARMA: Probe Request from [ma:cm:ac:ma:cm:ac:ma] for SSID 'NOKIA Lumia 521_1713'KARMA: Successful association of 00:17:ab:56:70:7bblahblahblahKARMA: ENABLED There is one device on WLAN1 that comes in at I am able to ping that from my computer connected on eth01. Then, there is the wii IP address on br-lan... --Um, what is the difference between the 3 at the top of the LOG page, and the 3 listed next... and the one (wii) listed on the intelligence page? These sections don't seem to have headings that specify what they are. I have not had a pineapple before, so maybe many people already know from the past? Please help. --What is the difference between the wii on br-lan and this 10.x.x.x on wlan1? Isn't the wii on wlan1?
  12. Hey, thanks for this... I was just about to post this question, because each time I do Jammer or some other wifi function, I either get the internet disconnected, or my computer/tablet that I am doing admin with gets disconnected. Would you say that the best way to admin is not from wifi, but through the ethernet (not always the most casual in public settings)? Or, hmmm... I haven't checked this yet, but can I connect to the same AP as the client/wan side, and then admin from that side? Hey Yaba... Be very meticulous in your Antenna ordering. I got schooled because I had my two Alfa 9dbi antennas hooked up to my Pineapple, and came to find out, they were doing nothing! The Alfa antennas have a Female R-SMA connection. This will not actual achieve contact with the antenna connector on the Pineapple. You need Male SMA Connectors! I am currently looking at something like this YAGI: http://www.ebay.com/itm/280785157784 The only thing I don't like is, it seems a bit unwieldy, but the 13dbi is appetizing...
  13. So... In the mean time, I found this to work. I know a surplus kinda store down the street that has a stack of them for $4.95 a piece. Apparently they were originally intended for a Buzz Lightyear Store Display! Blarg. (12v - 2A) Update: Ran this from Friday to Sunday night, and just unplugged it now while it was still going strong. Guess I will probably grab a few more of these just for backup use...
  14. Indeed, I ran over to Microcenter last night and grabbed a 40mb/sec Class 10. Imaged it, but haven't run it yet.
  15. Here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00D2CN730/ I got the Rasp-Pi with Case and Nano Wifi adapter for $56 with free Prime Shipping. There was a kit with more for $75, but then when I looked around, I already had: -HDMI Cable -Phone Charger MicroUSB Power Supply -SD Card
  16. Ahem, is the light supposed to go Green when it is done charging? I have had it charging now for 8 hours... and it is still red, with power switch on. I hit the indicator button while it is plugged in, and it is showing 1 Red and 2 Greens. It also shows this many when I unplug the charger and press it. ?
  17. Ha ha! I just charged mine overnight with the Switch Off! Yay!
  18. So, I am pretty new to the pineapple, so excuse my greenness... I saw a place where you could put some html for a cloned page on dnsspoof... But I find the functionality of SET way more: Easy Versatile with multiple vector choices It serves it right over to metasploit for a dynamic range of choices after you land the target Update [12:40am CST]Kali is rolling! That was sweet! Have it going on my large screen on the Raspberry Pi and it has grabbed the eth0 ip from the Pineapple. Now maybe time for bed (work in the morning). More ideas and fun tomorrow I guess. Otherwise: I have a battery on the way for the Raspberry Pi (10,000 mAh!) and I just got my Pineapple juice pack today. So, I'm most interested in how I might figure on connecting to it remotely through the Pineapple from the net and control the whole show remotely. Also thinking of what possibilities would be unlocked with another Alpha or two in the R-Pi USB ports. PS - I just looked at what I have for antennas. I guess one is good and one is bad: One is this SMA Alfa, the other is rp, so I will be ordering replacement.
  19. Hmmm... I seem to get more networks and better readings with mine... Although, maybe I will look again.
  20. Well... I probably wouldn't be able to list all of the things you might do with a Kali machine tethered right to the Mark V. But for starters, I thought I might use SET to clone some sites and make the pineapple's dnsspoof redirect to the ip of the Raspberry Pi for them. Of course, I would only do this in a controlled setting using my own computers... not directed at the unsuspecting public.BTW- those are the 9.5 dbi antennas I got with some of my Alfa USBs. They are about $6 or 7. Update [11:41pm CST] dd is writing Kali to the SD card... Taking a while, but I have my fingers crossed. At first it was telling me that the SD card was read-only. I had to chown the /dev/sdb so it would allow me.
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