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Wii controller for PC?


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Shame shame shame, of course Nintendo has been ported to the PC!

There is a howto on converting SNES controllers to the PC, and zsnes http://zsnes.com/ provides a SNES to USB adapter (in case you want to use the controller in a SNES, or you have some strange, morbid fear of sodering irons...)

Almost all the worthwile SNES and NES games have been ported to PC, and quite a good amount of N64 games as well. (These are called Roms, if you're gonna google/wikipedia). There are Gamecube emulators out there as well, but those play 1, maybe 2 games, and are slow and choppy. ZSNES is an open source SNES (if you didn't guess that bit from the name) emulator, for *NIX and Windows (SNES9x or something similar has a Max OS X port), written mostly in x86 assembly and C.

I grew up playing Super Mario World for SNES, and I love playing chrono trigger and old mario games, and apps like these let me do it all from my PC!

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I'd say it's extremely unlikely...for a Wii controller to work on the PC the sensor bar would also have to be made to work on the PC - and even if someone works out a way to get them working then what exactly are you going to be able to play? (assuming no one is able to emulate Wii games)

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Well, the tilt sensing and button presses would be able to be made available, since the wiimote uses bluetooth. Like preivously mentioned the pointing abilities would be non existant unless someone did a shitload of work to get the sensor bar to work (IE, software to control it, hardware adapters, etc)

As far as what could it be used for? NES games, racing games, Marble Madness, etc.

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