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Powering the Mark V via USB (method)


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i made my own when I got my MK4 because i needed a certain length. Good write up.

I did use heat shrink though

How often did you use it? Would you say it's 'risky' using it with the Mark V because it needs more power for the two chipsets?
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<Obligatory statement>

While a cable like this should work, if it fries your device because of a short or something along those lines, it's on you.

</Obligatory statement>

Now, while I haven't used a self made cable for the MKV, I have a lot for the MKIV. I used electric a bit of solder to keep the wires together, added electric tape to insulate them and hold them in place firmly (you'll get tearing under stress otherwise) and finally I heatshrunk some tube on the whole thing to clean it up nicely. Made a nice long cable and it works well.

Best Regards,

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WARNING: Only do this if you really need to, it could easily harm your device, so try it at your own risk!

Hey guys, so here is a quick tutorial on how to power your pineapple via a laptop USB port!

1. Grab a USB cable (i used a usb to micro-usb)

2. Grap a DC cable (same size as the one that came with your pineapple)

3. Cut the USB cable at about halfway

4. Cut the DC cable at about halfway

5. On the USB cable, cut away the insulation until you have the smaller wires inside. Keep the red and black ones and cut the rest off.

6. Trim the insulation off the red and blacks, so you only have the wire

7. Cut the insulation away from your DC cable so you have two wires

8. Carefully twist the red wire from the USB cable around one of the wires from the DC cable

9. Repeat step 8 with the black wire

You should now have something that looks like this


Now simply wrap the wires with insulation tape and you should be good to go. Always plug in to a USB port that is powerd, or has the USB+ sign.

Hope this helps!

I would add a step 10.

10. (Double) Check polarity of your new cable and check if this is identical to the original cable.

Switching polarity causes on instant fry of your device.

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