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Mark V has SMA Connector Antenna


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I have found that the new mark v has non standerd SMA CONNECTOR for the antennas. Now all of my antenna's are useless unless untell I crimp on new connector ends. WHY!!

You made a simple swop to new hardware a mess. I see new accessories to the hak5 shop SMA TO RP-SMA adapter

SMA TO RP-SMA Connector

Our antenna connectors are absolutely standard SMA connectors. You are thinking of RP-SMA.

We decided to use SMA as it is the more professional, high grade connector.

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In an ideal world, it is all the same, 50 Ohm impedance no difference its more or less the same spec. The physical advantage of SMA is the sensitive prone to breaking pin is in the cable, which is far easier to replace. Connector polarity was introduced more or less just to annoy anyone who cared at the time, unfortunately the Wifi/2.4GHz went on the RP bandwagon and everyone else went the other way. No Ham worth his salt would dare go anywhere with a bag of 20 assorted adapters, there is no standard, you either swing one way or the other. Traditionally the high power/gain antennas went SMA which is why consumer grade equipment went RP to prevent out of regulation usage.

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As others have mentioned on other threads, if you have RP-SMA antennas, you can purchase adapters for a pittance (a dollar or two). Search rp-sma to sma adapter and you'll find what you need - just make you sure you get the right male/female configuration.


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We will eventually have adapters in the store - just a matter of time with all the moving parts at the moment. The SMA connectors on the MK5 are leaps and bounds ahead of the pigtail on the MK4. If you have both do a little benchmarking and you'll be delighted, even with stock antennas.

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