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How do I download this?


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I believe the BBC encrypt most of their streams. The only way I can see is capturing it with screen capture software that also captures the sound. But you'd have to listen to the show to capture. Probably breaks their licence agreement though. I know they have a load of podcasts freely downloadable (the Friday Night Comedy on Radio 4 is always good) but his don't appear to be on there.

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If its just audio, you could use built in sound recorder, if its a live stream over rtsp and not saved locally, but if its saved shows and files using http transport, you can use wireshark to find the link to download the file, or even NetworkMiner to open a saved pcap, and it will reconstruct known files such as mp3, avi, jpg, mpg, etc. If its sent with no header it knows, then there are tools for recoring live streams but most are also bundled with spyware, so be careful the tools you use. VLC should also be able to download and stream it to disk as a file, just have to find the URL and needs to be a compatible stream it can read. They make programs for things like Vimeo and YouTUBE video grabbing, and they usually work on most sites that use flash players to deliver streams as well. I usually just use the wireshark method, save the conversation in one direction, from the site as a raw file, and if it needs, hex edit header and footers on them to make them play. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Works really well for acquiring audio from sites like Grooveshark and flash based audio streams, if you can find the id3 tag or mpeg header or data known to be mp3 data, you just start wireshark before you hit play, then afterwards, can save the stream(which usually has the http headers in it) and edit the header out using a hex editor or notepad++ and save as a binary file afterwards and they work fine as mp3s and can also be recorded to CD ;)

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I have used Camtasia to record Time Team off 4OD. Breaks their licence agreement granted, but it's for personal use and they won't release each series and each episode on DVD because, I assume, they believe their is no market for it. If that's the case, then sorry, the only option for me is to pirate as I can't afford to stream it all the time (limited bandwidth). It does require me to watch the show at the same time though and I then can't use the PC.

It's the only other way, if the above doesn't work (I like digip's suggestions) I can think of, but then you'd have to buy Camtasia as well.

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