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  1. rhlstp kickstarter III https://t.co/W1ojk7wWQw via @YouTube

  2. @CaffeNero_US No UK twitter? Can I get my missing 1inch of hot choc please? Thanks. https://t.co/BUGHmagt1U

  3. @ProSyndicate Or "I need to wait till I speak to my lawyer so they can tell me what to say. So I don't incriminate myself".

  4. Petition condemns Windows 10 upgrade practices, asks EFF to investigate https://t.co/LUd2bmXi6u via @YouTube

  5. Paul Daniels https://t.co/AkG1QLAH2s via @gofundme

  6. With Elite Dangerous specifically the financials are only fictional and there is no monthly fee or anything like that. But I just had another thought, because their Commodities Market is actually influenced by other player trades then yes, you're probably right, it is encrypted. As real money is involved in WoW that would certainly be encrypted.
  7. I don't know if this is a thing that would be answered but I'll ask anyway. Attempting to learn a bit of Wireshark and got me thinking about online games. Not using wireshark for hacking them but to see the data they send back for various areas. For example back in the day with Star Wars Galaxies and now World Of War Craft. The auction houses, would this data, as it's sent back to the client (me) be encrypted? I'm curious as I'm currently playing and enjoying Elite Dangerous. Playing it in the Solo Mode but got me curious if you could see the Commodities Market being sent to your client. If you, could you not take the date to put in a spreadsheet instead of having to note it down for every star port you visit? I've tried to run Wireshark but don't really know what to look for. I do, however, think i see where the data comes in but it does look like it's encrypted, I guess they don't want people taking that data to make an app for it. Interesting.
  8. Ahhh Archive.org the home of The Computer Chronicles a MUST watch.
  9. The Computer Chronicles: Gary Kildall Special: http://t.co/OeP8YwCrvE via @YouTube

  10. Not sure of the address would need to check at work. Most of the security flaws their end are fixed but as I've mentioned to them my knowledge is VERY basic. If I could do what I did, someone else with more knowledge will wreck their setup, it's still not perfect. All client machines are Windows 7. What I don't understand is why, when that message happens to that user, it then works fine when Fiddler is running. It all works now so I can't recreate the problem. Appeared to stop working when the firewall rule was put in, despite it working when there was no rule for me and the other user.
  11. Harbinger Down Official Trailer: http://t.co/41kvz1L5VG via @YouTube

  12. Yes, it's my domain. But trying to import it locally on my PC it never seemed to work properly. I haven't found many guides for it so wondering if it's not possible.
  13. Yes you can download it. I've had a Wordpress setup before locally but then have never managed to get the setup that was live on the net, working locally. I can't seem to find a way to import it. Everything just seems to break.
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