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The O.S.M project is an idea i have came up with to promote the open source community and help out 3 up and coming bands here in glasgow.

What is going to happen is a 6 week project each band has 2 weeks of recording mixing and mastering. And by the end will have a 3 song demo.

There will also be a free concert at the end of the project where the demo CD's will be available, will also be available from the web site for a small free.

I am looking for some help to create the web site my ability's with creating web sites aint all that great. All other input and help welcome

any further information will be available from the channel #osm on irc.hak5.org .

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Is this one of thoughs new "Open source corporation" things, or just a spin on the creative commons licence?

I dont know how its going to play out yet tbh haddnt hear of the creative commons licence. If things go well the first time arround then we'll take it from there.

theres anumber of other ideas i got floating about for it. if i get a website made up pritty soon then everything will be available on there.

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I figured you wanted links to free music in here. Might still be worth doing if you want to fill up the demo. I mean, you're going to burn the disks anyways and there should be plenty of room remaining if you're only gonna do 3 songs. Then again, what kind of music are we talking about here?

Dutch Nu-Metal band Zone's Conflict EP can be freely downloaded and redistributed legally (I bought the thing anyways, and it even says so in the booklet). I actually think they're a pretty nice-sounding band.

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Open source music would be cool. If you post the completed track, along with each of the recorded tracks, to be remixed by anyone.

that's the idea mate i need to look more in to what licences are already out there for this kind of thing. the idea is still building not had much time to work on it yet.

I have a domain name and hosting sorted just looking to get the site up and some forums on the go and develop it a little more before i go much further.

As it will be community driven being its an open source project.

As sparda has pointed out there is somthing like this called creative commons licence which i am looking at as I type.

I just feel the way a few companys have cornerd digital multitrack recording every one thinks these are the only options and as i have found its not. The programs avalible for Linux are great i have been testing them out on some sessions I have done on pro tools. The Plugins and effects area great Jack is amazing you can do things with it you couldnt dream of with other software. anyway i must shoot of to work

thanks for the suport folks :)

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