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Macbook Air Issues


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I am trying to connect to my Pineapple MKIV from my Mackbook air (current model as of 4/13) and not having much luck. I hope someone on the forums might be able to help or at least offer some suggestions.

First off, I am running off the thunderbolt ethernet adaptor. I have gone through the video here:

I have all the settings as indicated. When I try to access the pineapple via the web interface I get a timeout and when pinging I get no returned packets.

Now then, the thunderbolt adapter is showing a connection in the system preferences but thats about as far as I can get. I have verified that the pineapple is woking and I have logged in via another PC.

Any suggestions?

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I guess you´re running Mountain Lion? The internet connection sharing is very flaky. I have the same issues both on my MBA and MP. I can verify that the client machine gets a DHCP address and it´s present in the ARP table. However I cant reach it by IP. The only solution so far has been to have both devices connected and reboot the mac. After the reboot the mac can ping the client and now the mac can be used as gateway.

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I think we should tackle this. Enough of us pineapple owners are also osx-friendly now, that we need a comprehensive solution. Thankfully, OSX is based off of unix, so I'm thinking a little cli-fu is in order. A quick google found this:


I'm about to hop on a plane, so I was only able to give it a quick glance, but it appears as though this script can be modified to address our needs. Thoughts?


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I don't know why everyone says OSX internet connection sharing is flakey... I have a Macbook Air from last year running Mountain Lion and it works perfectly well for me. It worked fine on my Macbook Pro before that. And it works fine on my Mac Pro. I can't see your video right now as I am at work but I'll look at it tonight.

Have you looked at this post?


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