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[Question] Is there a DIY Ducky tutorial?


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Hi there,

Is there any tutorial to help people "build their own ducky"?

Shipping costs to europe are prohibitive, that's why I don't purchase one.

I've read something about turning an arduino into a ducky but the information is not very explicit.

Has anyone got any tips for me?

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Version 1 was based on the Teensy, but its incompatible with the latest version of DuckyScript.

Version 1 Builds

Can you find some other interested people and club together so postage is shared?

I forked out the initial $80USD + postage, probably why I was determined to get it working, despite all the early problems, as keymaps were not anticipated.

Its been a handy tool, that I don't want to part with.

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Differences are thats its all in C, I dont know of a specific API, so I guess the degree of programming difficulty is high, and development is slow.


Heard from Darren, something is in the works! So hopefully in the next month something will happen, and we'll get an update on the forum / show. So hang tight for now.

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