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  1. Thanks for the update. Let's wait and see what Darren has been cooking
  2. Thanks for the tips. Are there any significant differences between using the teensy and the "official ducky"? Is the performance the same, are there any limitations?
  3. I've suggested the opening of a hak5 european shop to Shannon, let's wait for her answer.
  4. Hi there, Is there any tutorial to help people "build their own ducky"? Shipping costs to europe are prohibitive, that's why I don't purchase one. I've read something about turning an arduino into a ducky but the information is not very explicit. Has anyone got any tips for me?
  5. Have you tried building your own? It's very easy, just check mrprotocol's tutorial: http://wifipineapple.com/?flashing
  6.    That's why. For people living in the old continent is quite expensive to ship it here. The sipping cost is almost the same price of the equipment.
  7. Is there any European Hak5 fan willing to sell his ducky?
  8. Hi there you guys, Can someone give me a hand? I'm using the WebBrowser componente in c# to display a pdf file within and app. The pdf is stored within a database and when I need to show it to the users I save it to the local harddrive with a specific name "mytool.pdf", whenever i try to load a different tool in the app I delete the existing file and replace it with the new one. I used to use the AXAcropdf component to show the file and my program worked perfectly. I just got some errors with an update of adobe's pdf reader that made me change to the WebBrowser component. Is there any way
  9. zbenta

    Arduino Robot

    Take a look at this link it will get you started in the arduino sdk. If you have any programming skills it will be wuite easy to get started.
  10. Hi there everyone, I found this really good article on ars technica regarding some tools that crackers are using today and ways of securing your passwords . Check it out.
  11. I took the job because I knew I could do it, I just need a little bit more info so I can finish the project. I'm waiting to get some tutoring from behalf of the organization I work in and was trying to take that extra step so I can "show" some work.
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