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  1. PLEASE DELETE. I see someone beat me to it. Did any one notice that 48 minutes into Person of Interest S02E02 that there was a Wifi Pineapple on the seat of Detective Lionel Fusco's car?
  2. @peterfm Yes, that is true for the standard compile, but for the modified version of reaver1.4 it will change the mac for you. The output from the modified version looks like: [+] Using MAC BC:99:47:B7:03:E9 [+] Trying pin 00485678 [+] Sending EAPOL START request [!] WARNING: Receive timeout occurred [+] Sending EAPOL START request [+] Received identity request [+] Sending identity response [+] Received identity request [+] Sending identity response [+] Received identity request [+] Sending identity response [+] Received identity request [+] Sending identity response [+] Received M1 messa
  3. Okay so I had been testing Reaver and noticed that I was getting EAPOL Time Out errors with some routers. After doing some research I came up on a thread in the Reaver Wiki that had a modified Reaver 1.4 with Mac Changer option. https://code.google....s/detail?id=258 Does the version of Reaver used with the MK4 (ipk) support Mac Changer? Also I am about to start testing this version but was wondering has already had any experience with this version? In other word did it help? Thanks PS: Please move to the Reaver/ Firmware Thread if needed, I am unable to delete post and move it there mysel
  4. In short, Broadcast Spectrum White Space, Different Frequency, and Approved by the US Federal Communications Commission in 2010. http://news.yahoo.com/super-wi-fi-poised-growth-us-elsewhere-014542358--finance.html
  5. Thank you, I am in the process of upgrading now. :)
  6. Wow, how cool is that! Thanks to you for all of your work.
  7. Thank you, I have downloaded it. You guys will be receiving my order for the hard copy by the end of the day. Thanks again!
  8. Summary: The Power Pwn may look like a power strip, but it's actually a DARPA-funded hacking tool for launching remotely-activated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet attacks. If you see one around the office, make sure to ask if it's supposed to be there. http://www.zdnet.com/power-pwn-this-darpa-funded-power-strip-will-hack-your-network-7000001331/
  9. Hey, I so enjoyed watching episode 1121 and not just because it was shot using the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Which I own ;-)), but because I saw what looked to be a soon to be released book on the Pineapple. Any idea on the price and release date? Thanks
  10. It has enough juice for two, I have not tested to see how long it would last yet. That is a old Dlink DWL-G730AP. It will do Router, Client, or Access Point. Both are powered via USB connected to the Astro3 UPDATE: I can safely say that the Astro3 has powered both devices for 10 hours now and still has power left, even if I don't know how much juice is remaining. I am stopping the test now as the result is good enough for me.
  11. L 5' W 3' D 1' inches or 120*80*23mm Weight 304g
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