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  1. So what I'm actually looking to do is put all the files I have for phishing and things of the sort on a thumb drive. Is this the correct way to go about it? The wiki is a bit unclear as to how and where things are mountedand how they are linked.
  2. Yes indeed I do. I actually got it to connect/work on windows, right now I'm trying to ssh via the Mint terminal, to no avail. I think it's a compatibility issue with the Mint drivers and the NIC I have. I'd say it's mostly solved, but I'd still like to find a way to configure the USB drive with windows.
  3. It still shows "cable unplugged" in Mint when I try to connect, and it will not ping.
  4. Ah, I might have accidentally disabled the eth0 on Mint, I'll try that. And to reply to the above, I was trying to connect to
  5. Hello, I seem to be having trouble connecting to my pineapple on my Win7 laptop. There see to be two problems. 1. Then I plug in the cat5 cord to the pineapple and then my laptop, the network connections manager shows "Identifying" for a very long period of time, then eventually shows being connected to "Unknown Network", with an IP address of and a gateway of I tried to go to the web interface to no avail. I also changed the IP to the that is supposed to be there, with the same result. 2. When I go to share the wireless connection with my LAN, it gives me the following error: "Internet Connection Sharing Cannot be Enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing." I've looked up the error but no solutions online have worked for me yet. My current setup is the pineapple mk4, with a wired connection to my laptop, and then my laptop connected to my personal access point. I'm out of ideas, has anyone else had these problems or do you have any ideas on how to solve them? I should add the firmware on the pineapple is whatever the Mk4 shipped with as I cannot actually connect to the pineapple to be able to see for myself. Sidenote: I also tried this on Linux Mint with the auto config file, but I have little to no idea what Ip addresses and whatnot should be entered when it prompts me. The Mint connection manager also shows no connection to anything on the wired side. I'd much rather do this on Linux, but neither seem to work. Sorry for the noob-ism, I know more about networking than I appear to, I'm just out of ideas for solving these issues.
  6. Ah I see. Thanks! Ill try that. Any idea how long it lasts?
  7. What exactly do you mean by "USB plugged in"? Sorry, I'm a bit confused.
  8. Hey all, I've been searching the forums for ideas on what kinds of battery packs to use to power my Mk 4, but it seems like no one has actually posted the exact product they use, and all threads seem to be a mixture of discussion of soldering, mAH arguments, and problem solving. So, my question is, what batteries have you used to (successfully) power the Pineapple Mk4 (or even mk 3)? Thanks! ~Conner
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