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Hello everyone, I'm a noob... kinda (What should I learn?)


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Yes, I am a noob....with 8 years of Microsoft Server experience. Fun stuff.

I feel like I am behind on my technolust, and I want to get into the unix world, but I wanted to ask the community what I should learn first.

I am currently running a lovely Dell Vostro 3650 with Windows 8 on it. No, I am not a gamer, I just like Microsoft's Operating Systems, but I do want to jump into Linux...with that said.... What operating system should I start with? once I install the operating system, what guidelines should I follow to become an intermediate user?

I would also like to get into security and hacks, particularly CEH, any ideas? Android OS (I own a Galaxy Note 2) seems like a great little device, any ideas to start cracking that bad boy up?

I know all of these answers are easily found online, however, I want to know what you guys think. I value your opinions.


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Start with a Debian or Debian based Linux OS. There is a lot of information out there with Google for figuring things out.

Arguably the best way is to just install it on your main computer and jump right in. Figure it out with experience like you had to with Windows :P.

For security related materials. Conferences are a great place to learn concepts and even offer training if you have the money.

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You can use debian or ubuntu on android, there are several free apps to create a debian/ubuntu-based chroot-environment.

Though I think you'll be better off with vmware/virtualbox vm image on a laptop or desktop machine.

For ~$30 you could invest in a raspberry pi, their small, cheap and great for learning linux and python.

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learn everything !! (seriously) EVERYTHING.

bash, c, c++, python, ruby, html, java, batch, javascript, vbscript, powershell, basic etc etc

the more you learn the easier it gets hehe :)

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