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The most evil of all things!


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Damn dust, for ever gathering, collecting, massing. Then you look down at your computer and see a dust blocked fan grill and go "fucking dust, die you bastard die!". Is there any hope for perminantly keeping a computer dust free? (short of water cooling)

Note: Would have pictures, but my camera is errmmm... missing.

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Yea, dust is a bitch

You can't really ever get rid of the dust problem even if you use water cooling because basically every power supply has dust.

I've seen computers get really filthy at times. Like with centimetres of dust at the bottom of the case.

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I tend to have that problem alot since i have 4 pcs in my room and a ps2 thats on 24/7 running linux, I tend to clean it out when fixing a hardware problem or upgrading hardware.

Im building a new rig in a months time so any suggestions about preventing dust will come in handy.

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Just buy some tights/pantyhose, cut them open, and stretch them across the hole.

those I belive periodicly need to be changed...


also really dust is just something you have to live with unless you want to build a small little vacum bot that runs around your computer 24/7 or hire or force someone/your kids to just stand in front of your case and blow out the dust (or just add that to a list of chores)

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I once removed the sides to a box I had and screwd on bio filters from a cupple old air condishiners, thay just nead to be wiped down every now and again and you can probably uses them on the fans.

I would personaly be leary about drysheets thay may be static free but thay are coted with stuff I would not want on my Curcity.

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