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Now this may be an odd request but does anybody know of any email for openwrt that could be infused on my pineapple

heres the situation

I would like to set up my pineapple so i can use it out and about BUT. i wouldnt be the person implementing it , therefore , when they turn it on , i am going to have no way of finding out its IP address , im talking across the same lines of DDNS and no-ip

INSTEAD, what i would like to do is to create a gmail account especialy for my pineapple and have it check its email every 10 - 20 minuites , while on the other end from my work station i can use the services i have found here at http://www.mailtracking.com of tracing emails , i would like to pretty much , email my device to find out where it is, is this possible?

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