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  1. When I first started watching hak5, they had pineapple mkIV and I bought my own router, and started DIYing it to get more in depth, and experience with openwrt, I am guessing wont be possible with lan turtle? I haven't come across any tutorials on DIYing it.
  2. Actually I was using 1.2 on the scripts and 2.8.0 (which at the time I was trying something else and experimented reverting back to 2.8.0) But I am on 3.0.0.. so I have not tried it yet. works on 3.0.0... but only to a openwrt router I set up (tp link wr703n). For some reason it won't connect to my home networks router. (which is a linksys wrt54gl) edit edit; i was too far away, works now when the signal quality is better.
  3. I am having trouble with it connecting to a ap, my phone will connect fine, but when it tries to connect it gets stuck at requesting IP Address, and after couple of minutes it says no lease, failing. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  4. Ok, lets say your in a situation were the wifi card dies and you need a secondary access point on the pineapple so you can use it, and all you have on you is a small openwrt device (for example tp link wr703n) and power comsuption wasn't an issue how exactly would you go about doing that? At the moment i have the tp link as an access point and I have the pineapple connected to my tp link via poe ethernet port. One of the issues I had with it that I could not ssh to the pineapple while in ssh in the tp link router. Edit; got it working. In /etc/config/network file on the tp link under 'lan' i switched to So when I connect to the tp link I would ssh into and be talking to the pineapple.
  5. demonjester

    USB Clever?

    I was thinking of making a app just like this but I ended up coming across it, and never made one.
  6. Basically crypter makes a stub that encrypts the program then once executed the stub decrypts the program.
  7. Where did you buy that carrying case?
  8. They have the source to download and put it on your nexus 7, I still need to get around to doing that.
  9. I tried & but it still did not work. I am still experimenting though.
  10. Thats actually nice setup there. props to you.
  11. or put the pineapple in static mode so its like behind double sided mirror watching the traffic instead in the middle of traffic controlling it. Less stress for the pineapple?
  12. My script works perfect if I execute it from ssh, but when I try to execute it via wps button everything works except using screen command so I can run tcpdump in the background and use screen to view progress later. I have tried different methods, from executing the script on ssh from the wps button to putting the actual code in the wps button textfield (in the gui) I have tried these different combination of switches screen screen -d -m screen -d -m -S screen -S screen -dm screen -dmS and still will not start screen windows if I do it via WPS buttong. Like I mentioned before if i do it within ssh, whether its bash ./script.sh or sh ./script.sh it runs just fine, and I don't know what to do. I want to make it independent so I don't have to have a tablet/laptop attached to it at all time. or briefly. if anybody has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. BTW I have been using this wifi connect script inside my script (it was a last minute type thing) http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/29487-wifi-connect-script-updated-v12/
  13. Basically I want to work on a scenario where you hold the wps button and it performs these actions, it randomizes the mac address then connects to secured ap (the ap password on my hack lab of course) and starts tcpdump. Basically I have all of that worked out except connect to the ap via bash script. Only thing I know is to go in wireless and network and configure it that way, but I am not sure how to do it on cli
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