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  1. @123reg Hey guys! Your login portal is down on your website

  2. Hey guys, I am doing a course on your website, I dont know if you are aware but you have a #cleartext password data… https://t.co/Fc0uTAUvPq

  3. RT @WWE: OMG! @JEFFHARDYBRAND and @MATTHARDYBRAND are BACK! #WrestleMania #HardyBoyz https://t.co/EAgTyBWR7R

  4. @emmablackery Don't be a quitter Emma! ?

  5. CLOUD SERVERS FOR ALL YOUR SSH NEEDS! @DigitalOcean in 55 seconds. Sign up using my link and receive $10 in credit: https://t.co/kmdRpxEE2J

  6. RT @troyhunt: Watching @hak5darren at #AusCERT2016, complete with a quick-draw Pineapple on his hip https://t.co/E0PA9HshNo

  7. If I must have a back box at least spice it up a bit haha #hak5 https://t.co/9q97xR2pq0

  8. I STUMBLED UPON THIS LIKE 2 DAY AGO, Bloody love it hahaha
  9. Yeah, iv wrapped my head around that i'm just having issues setting my one text box as a variable to be able to drop in arguments for my exe's however learning a hell of a lot about C# today :)
  10. Update : Gui Designed, now for the bloody hard bit of re writing the whole bloody thing. http://i61.tinypic.com/2yos86e.png C# tutorials here I come.
  11. I'v recently been doing a hell of allot of batch files for work to help me out, but in the past I have used pretty basic C++, Python and java, as well as now dabbling with VBS. As much as I love my CLI and dont get me wrong, I adore it and have put alot of work into it. I have gone form v1 to v 2 to v3 and then applied mac logic to version 3.1 to 3.2 etc so forth , I am determined that v5 will have a gui. Like i said before I have Visual studio , its v2015, and my main issue with any other languages, is how to attach parameters with variables to exe. this has been my main hurdle in other languages. I can get the basics, but sometimes I get stuck , im going to give it a try in C# today as overwraith suggested. side note, granted iv put alot of work into this script and if anyone does wish to use it , feel free. cc.exe is relative to crisscontrol as an emergency remote protocol, but side from that, if anyone wishes to use it :) enjoy as it makes my life hellza easy haha :)
  12. Hi guy's I have a tool I created for my work place as an IT Helpdesk supporter I primarily am the second line support, i get calls on a daily basis and have created this tool to help me work much quicker, I am trying at the moment to evolve my program to an exe with a user friendly GUI, my program consists of 3 Bat files which I have added to paste bin with the links below, has anyone any suggestions as to how I could evolve my software, I have visual studio on my PC but have no idea how to get a gui to communicate or incorporate my cli tools, the gui is a whole new world for me and am happy jumping in the deep end, but have no idea where to begin, as I have tried unsuccessfully to create a C + environment on visual studio, tried multiple bat to exe converters hoping for a gui option to point things around, and tried VBS scripts to incorporate my script. any suggestions. (sidenote: I have most of my tools in my PSTools folder in its directory " Hence the pointing to PSTools everywhere) http://pastebin.com/KxQ7KY7s which opens the next two windows with the IP or host name from the Remote Helper bat http://pastebin.com/jHSCUqMN and http://pastebin.com/Hyzegids also this program is my baby as most of the reg fixes incorporated (but not uploaded) are of my own creations.
  13. DigIp's description gave me a very vivid image in mind
  14. sorry guys been away for the weekend, I would have checked the banner but originally it was just Welcome to seagate NAS Storage with no further info, and I changed it To welcome to THE NAS or something across those lines, and so far as SFTP went, I may have schoolboy errored and genuinly forgot that that could have been a more apt option, not only a more apt alternative but the actual solution to my issue, Jeez, Cooper youv been a star and thanks again digip. Sidenote: I was using FTP as theres a builtin FTP file manager in windows and I need windows in work, however I have found an SFTP intergrater for explorer called Swish Cheers guys. I error, Therefore I am.
  15. # /etc/inetd.conf: see inetd(8) for further informations. #ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd in.ftpd #telnet stream tcp nowait root /sbin/telnetd /sbin/telnetd #nntp stream tcp nowait root tcpd in.nntpd #smtp stream tcp nowait root tcpd sendmail -v Boom we have a Directory haha How could I find out the FTP version from here? the ftpd and ftpd.krb5 are both compiled applications and are un readable ?
  16. NAS-Drive:/Data/User# cat /etc/*-release MontaVista Linux 6, (.dev-snapshot-20140411) NAS-Drive:/Data/User# uname -a Linux NAS-Drive #1 Thu Apr 10 23:57:57 PDT 2014 armv6l GNU/Linux good call sir and thankyou so much.I canot seem to find where the FTP server lives though as theres no signs of it in the bin/ next time I get some time im going to attempt to install a usable FTP sever from an old rasperry repo, I should be able to add an opkg repo to the NAS but I have tried everything to get apt but it always messes up. Thanks Cooper
  17. My FACE when I win the SurFACE 3 #Giveaway :O Enter here - https://t.co/9YgBK7iXIR via @BoingBoing

  18. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a predicament I am in. I have a seagate NAS Drive which I have gained SSH Root access to. It runs a basic Linux Kernel and I can FTP to it as well it's currently running the standard FTP server it is provided with (not advertised but it has it) the FTP server is passive. I also have an online Digital Ocean Server with linux server. My end goal is to be able to drop my NAS drive where ever and it will auto run a remote SSH tunnel port forwarding the relevant ports to my cloud server, so where ever I am I can FTP to my cloud server and it shall connect me to my NAS without configuring any routers or firewalls, one issue I am having with the NAS is it is limited as to what I can install on it. I have reconfigured my opkg on it to connect to the open wrt opkg repo but so far nothing is compatible , the kernal it is running is which I can only assume would be a seagate custom firmware for this device. either way so far I have managed to make scripts that run on startup and I can SSH out and IN but would like an idea of how to essentially make a remote connection to initiate a reverse FTP connection which can be forwarded. I cannot create a VPN Connection and from what I gather due to opkg limitations, I can't port forward 22, 21, and all relevant passive ports through one command via SSH as passive FTP uses a combo of high end different ports each time. it would be brilliant if there was such a command as ssh -D user@"server" but I have been using a combo of SSH -R 20:localhost:20 -R 21:localhost:20 user@"ip" with public keys for no auth and an alternation of high end ports but this way everything stumbles after bumping past the auth as passive selects a random high end port. though I know a LAN turtle would be a Brilliant option I have yet to get my self one and i'm looking for a literal "dropbox" solution that I can drop in any location and it will connect to my server regardless. so weather its somehow make the FTP server active which after hours of research and multiple ocasions of busting my FTP server then re fixing I don't know how to do or as suggested before running a script on the nas that opens some form of reverse FTP to my Cloud If anyone has any ideas i'm all ears, I have been trying this many different ways now for the past week and have only just decided to seek help. any suggestions? Thank you in advance if anyone responds.
  19. 50+reasons why #YesAllWomen keep having to speak out about what's wrong with our world @gogreen18 http://t.co/q45KJr303b #LaciIsAlwaysRight

  20. RT @InspowerMinds: It's never too late to be what you might have been.

  21. I did a video, more of a tech rant today regarding kids and their use of Technology. What's all your opinions on when kids should get their first "gear" and has anyone else recently taken a step back and realised how much this world has changed in the past 15 years or so? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_yhMiJ52i4 (Im new to the whole Vlogging experience and just wanted to voice my thoughts.)
  22. The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights: http://t.co/ebF3ThUEbw #bloodyAmazing @KittyHarris_ @AndieBarry Saw this and though of you guys :)

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