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Pineapple Radio Dead?


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Hi all,

Having what seems like a problem with the Pineapple and wondering if anyone else has seen this or can offer support...

It seems like the radio in my Pineapple isn't functioning properly. After boot up, I can see my Pineapple's SSID but can no longer connect to it. I receive a general connection time-out from BT5, Win7, and Mac OS X.

When I enable Karma, I have at least 5 devices in my house that Karma should see including BT5 on an HP Laptop, Windows 7 machine, Linux Machine, an iPhone (I've even got apple's success.html on the pineapple to enable this) and a few others, but it seems that it doesn't detect any clients. These all have a few unsecured and remembered networks.

Lastly, I've stopped my wireless, opened the site survey module, enable wlan0 (and then mon0) and tried to scan for APs but none appear (I usually see about 12 with a regular laptop internal wlan).

Oh yeah, I also SSHed into it and loaded airodump-ng and that comes up blank too.

I've reset cache, factory reset, rebooted, and re-flashed to 2.7.0 (which was my first firmware on the unit.)


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Hey dahveed311

It seems like you might be having a signal strength issue. Try popping open your pineapple (two screws under the usb side rubber footys on the bottom) and check the antenna connection to the wireless module. On my old mark3 I had very similar problems, and it had turned out that the little connection had come undone. Hope this helps!


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Sounds a lot like the unresolved issue I had a while back with my first Pineapple. I replaced the U.FL to RP-SMA twice, and tried a host of other "fixes" with no luck. I'd recommend searching the forums and trying all of the fixes... maybe something would work for you. I'd definitely check the cable like telot suggested. Alfa does a crap job at tightening the antenna cable and it can get kinked up. For me, in the end I attributed my issues to Alfa wifi failure and had to contact the HakShop for an exchange. They're really good with customer support and assistance. I'd definitely try the recommended fixes though before considering a return/exchange.


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