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    Cool looking forward to it. Thanks dustbyter
  2. Tymm


    when i click edit comments button i get the following error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /usb/infusions/get/tedit.php on line 38 MK IV with Firmware 2.8.1 sharing internet from a linux computer over ethernet using connection script.
  3. Same problem here. After installation it has no name under installed infusions and when removed it removes everything.
  4. I can confirm it is a good deal and does work. :-)
  5. When I was looking for a good battery pack I wasn't sure between the 3 amp and the one with the 9v/12v switch. I decided on the one with the switch for two reasons. 1. The 3 amps is split between the two USB ports. Meaning if you had one thing plugged in to it it would give 3 amps but if you had two things plugged in it would only give 1.5 amps 2. The switch allows for higher amperage. With the 3 amp version both are at 5v Im pretty sure.
  6. I have had that problem. It seemed random. Not sure what caused it but I ended up reflashing and it worked after.
  7. Yea I was holding off mainly because of the lack of 3g and lack of time to try to help debug.
  8. Just wanted to report success with my novatel 3g stick. 2.7.6 looks great. Also not sure when it was added but I like the progress bar when installing modules.
  9. If this is true I will be extraordinarily excited. I made an attempt to get the sdcard working when I first had a 3g modem. But didn't have any luck. This should be noted in the 3g part of the wiki or something. Will try it tonight when I get home. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, First off found out the virgin mobile stick is quite cheap. However I can't get the micro sd card to work. Searched all around but no luck. I have a brand new mkIV and an 8 gig micro sd card. I have been working with it plugged into the wall with the provided power supply so I could rule out not enough power problems. Can any one tell me how it needs to be configured so the pineapple reads it as /dev/sda2 as the normal USB drives work? I've accomplished 3g data successfully. But now I have no drive to store infusions/logs. Thanks!
  11. This looks exciting. I started thinking through what I would need to do this but recently the two w's have taken up my free time. Any how what are you using to log the harvested info? A simple log file I'm guessing?
  12. i followed your tutorial and got everything working. the only issue ive had was what to do after that. any time i try to snff the interfaces it only gives me beacon frames. am i missing something? i am using the alfa 36nh card as the ap. i can connect to it with my android phone and get an ip but cant figure out where to go from there. i feel like there must be something simple i forgot... thanks, tymm
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