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  1. Just got to 2.7.7 but it still seems to be not working for me.
  2. Hi all, Having what seems like a problem with the Pineapple and wondering if anyone else has seen this or can offer support... It seems like the radio in my Pineapple isn't functioning properly. After boot up, I can see my Pineapple's SSID but can no longer connect to it. I receive a general connection time-out from BT5, Win7, and Mac OS X. When I enable Karma, I have at least 5 devices in my house that Karma should see including BT5 on an HP Laptop, Windows 7 machine, Linux Machine, an iPhone (I've even got apple's success.html on the pineapple to enable this) and a few others, but it seems that it doesn't detect any clients. These all have a few unsecured and remembered networks. Lastly, I've stopped my wireless, opened the site survey module, enable wlan0 (and then mon0) and tried to scan for APs but none appear (I usually see about 12 with a regular laptop internal wlan). Oh yeah, I also SSHed into it and loaded airodump-ng and that comes up blank too. I've reset cache, factory reset, rebooted, and re-flashed to 2.7.0 (which was my first firmware on the unit.) Thoughts?
  3. I have had both a 16GB and a 4GB fail into read-only mode on me, unable to edit (delete) partitions, format, etc. SanDisk support said they would replace the drive... I thought it was bad enough I couldn't use the USB while Pineapple was powered from the laptop, but both these drives failed after only 2-3 hours of use. Going to try the 3rd out, but will probably get a low-profile Kingston or other brand.
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